Professional MBA
Sustainable Management

Master of Business Administration
Certified Program

Admission Criteria

Prerequisites for admission to a course of study are

  • a completed Austrian or equivalent university education and at least 2 years of professional experience or
  • General university entrance qualification and at least 6 years of relevant professional experience or
  • Students without general university entrance qualification must have at least 10 years of professional experience in their chosen field, in an adequate position.

In addition an admission interview will be conducted as part of the enrolment procedure.
An inbound test must be passed to measure the learning outcomes after completing the program (outbound test.)

Further Conditions

Master of Business Administration MBA (Blended Learning)

  • Business Fundamentals (E-Learning)
  • 12 General Management Core subjects (Blended Learning)
  • 3 Specialization Modules (Blended Learning)
    Participation Fee: EUR 22,900


Master of Business Administration MBA (E-Learning / Distance Learning)

  • Business Fundamentals (E-Learning)
  • 12 General Management Core subjects (E-Learning)
  • 3 Specialization Modules (Blended Learning)
    Participation Fee: EUR 14,400


Sustainable Management (CP)

  • Business Fundamentals (E-Learning)
  • 3 Specialization Modules (Blended Learning)
    Participation Fee: EUR 8,200

Practical Knowledge & Theory

DBS Method

Managers will have to be able to deal with problems that are becoming increasingly complex. This calls for well-developed skills in dealing with uncertainty and conflicts. In addition social skills and skills in group dynamics are becoming more important. In order to develop leadership ability in a constantly changing environment, one must be able to successfully handle problems on an individual, group and organizational level.


Blended Learning

In e-learning modules, students independently discover or refresh different topics in Business Administration. Special attention is given to the learning speed and the flexibility of each individual student.

On Campus modules: According to findings from learning research, the best way of finding new solutions for complex problems and new answers to far-reaching questions is through
on campus social interaction in plenary sessions or small groups and through exchanges with competent colleagues and lecturers with in-depth subject and/or sector specific expertise.

Blended Learning

DBS Methode


Online Distance Learning

Looking for studies independent from closing dates and locations? Since 2017 Danube Business School offers a professional MBA and further programs 100% online-designed and adjusted to your individual pace when to complete your studies. 14 core subjects and the specialized field “General Management” are available on an interactive learning platform providing learning material, literature, exercises as well asexaminations. You only need to be on campus when presenting your MasterThesis. You can start whenever you are ready. In this way you adapt your studies to all individual matters oflife be it professional or private obligations or during periodsabroad. As a further option, you can complete the 14 core subjects online and combine it with one of the specialized fields, whichare offered in the blended learning mode.  

Accreditation & Membership

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