The image of the Supervisory Board (and other committees) has changed radically in recent years. Today, the focus is far more on professional consulting activities rather than supervising the Board. Numerous studies have shown that well-trained, independent and motivated committee members make a significant contribution to better corporate performance. An essential success factor is a broadly based team, in which each member contributes his or her different skills in a complementary manner. At the same time, the requirements and liability regulations have been tightened in recent years, which not only demands higher qualifications, but also a new requirement profile for the Supervisory Board.

The Certified Program takes this circumstance into account and, unlike conventional supervisory board courses, not only trains students in the essential legal basics, but also deals with the areas of business, finance and human resources management at a high academic level, essential for supervisory bodies. A further focus is on the ethical principles of successful corporate management, which have greatly gained importance in view of recent scandals.

Target group

Board members and people aiming to become board members. Other members of committees in business, special interest groups, trusts, NPOs, public administration.

Course option
Certificate Program
Admission requirements
Study or work experience according to regulations
Learning format
1 semester
Course fee
EUR 3.490,--
Winter semester 2023/24
Regulation (Curriculum)
Study location
University for Continuing Education Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems
Elvira Kaiblinger

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