The Master of Science in “Transition, Innovation and Sustainability Environments” is a newly designed European program towards mastering societal transition processes. The focus of TISE is on sustainable and resilient societal, business and industry processes and structures. Through its strong transdisciplinary approach (i.e. a method guided by mutual learning processes between science and practice), students on this program will gain a comprehensive understanding of relevant coupled human-nature-technology systems (respectively ‘human environment systems’), positive and negative mechanisms and effects of transitional processes (including underlying obvious and hidden rebound effects), and interventions together with the innovation potential therein. Using a hierarchical system perspective, the program encompasses the individual agents, teams, organizations, networks, and clusters, within regional, national and supranational systems, and ultimately global implications. Building on a Complexity Science fundament the program presents an inter and cross-disciplinary view of Socio Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, Economics, Technology and Design, but also integrating communities of practice and the tacit knowledge of practitioners in order to address “real-world” complex problems. The program promotes Transdiciplinarity as an innovative approach towards the challenges encountered by social systems today.

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Target group

People holding a minimum of a Bachelor degree or equivalent, who are having an intrinsic interest in contributing to complex societal challenges by using his/her areas of excellence and interests.

Course option
Master of Science
Admission requirements
Study according to regulations
Learning format
4 semesters
Course fee
EUR 13.500,--
Regulation (Curriculum)
External partners

Consortium Partners

Associated Partners

  • Scuola del Design de Politecnico Milano (PoliDesign) (Italy)
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
  • Complexity Science Hub Vienna (Austria)
  • EURAC Research (Italy)
  • International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
  • Athena Research and Innovation Centers for Knowledge and Communication Technologies (Greece)
  • Practice partners


For detailed information about the program and application process please refer to the program website

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