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Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management

Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management

Special Scholarships for 2017


Danube Business School offers scholarships for qualified applicants from emerging markets. Furthermore qualified female candidates from the aviation industry may be financially supported with a scholarship as well.  "AERO International" and the "ISTAT Foundation" are engaged in helping people develop potential careers in aviation.


50% scholarships for students from emerging markets
Danube Business School offers scholarships for citizens of lower income countries and countries with emerging markets.
1/3 scholarships for female students
As a contribution to women’s advancement and to increase the number of female students in the MBA courses, Danube Business School awards scholarships for women amounting to one third of the study fee.
Scholarship "AERO International"

Additionally, all qualified candidates of the program are invited to apply for the scholarship (EUR 19,465) of the aviation magazine “AERO  International” and Danube University Krems. Student´s contribution: EUR 3,435


AERO International
Scholarships of the ISTAT Foundation ($10,000)

The ISTAT Foundation is actively engaged in helping young people develop potential careers in aviation by offering scholarships of up to $10,000 directly to college-level students who are academically qualified and in need of financial support to complete their studies. The scholarships are administered by the Scholarship Committee of the ISTAT Foundation Board of Trustees in conjunction with accredited colleges who recommend qualified students.

The scholarship process begins annually each fall. Application materials are sent to all participating universities. Universities are invited to submit one (1) application for consideration.

For more information please contact the program coordinator Ms. Doris Burger: doris.burger@donau-uni.ac.at


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A written application for scholarships (informal letter) must be submitted together with the program application.


Different types of scholarships cannot be combined. Scholarships of Danube Business School will only be granted under the condition that the student does not receive any other additional financial support (i.e. sponsoring by the employer or employment office).


Further information about funding can be found here: http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/en/studium/stipendien


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