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Horticultural Therapy

academically accredited expert for Horticultural Therapy
Horticultural Therapy
Horticultural Therapy uses the benefits of nature to improve the psychological and physiological wellbeing of humans. Medical reasons (e.g. disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer`s disease) as well as socially related diseases (e.g. depression, trauma) are showing the need for new additional therapeutic treatments.
Healthcare Institutions are dealing with economic pressure therefore; new models of action have to be created to ensure a healthy work environment.
Target group Individuals that have already some experience with Horticultural Therapy in their existing jobs or are interested in the filed due to their pervious career as well as in therapeutic garden design
Admission requirements Education in medicine, psychology, biology, pedagogy or social professions as well as People with an education in horticultar
Language German
Start 2019
Certificate academically accredited expert for Horticultural Therapy
Duration 4 semesters, parttime (17 weekends)
Course fee € 7.500,--
Organizer Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary Medicine
Department for Health Sciences, Medicine and Research
Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik Wien
Contact Heidemaria Dangl
Phone: +43 (0)2732 893-2691, Fax: +43 (0)2732 893-4000
Horticultural Therapy is adding many benefits to state of the art care, therapy and rehabilitation such as:

decrease the time in rehabilitation
economic benefits for Health Care Institutions
reduce depressions, apathy and negativism
prevention of injuries (such as spine injuries)
adds to occupational activities
psychological motivation and stimulation for interpersonal relationships
connects work environment with the benefits of gardening, increase of life-work balance
decrease the number of staff away sickness and fluctuation
improvement of the social interaction between cultures and professional guilds

Horticultural Therapy works with the close relationship between Humans and Nature.

Horticultural Therapy can be practiced alone or be integrated within other therapies.

Horticultural Therapy has a big variety of adjustment possibilities.
Horticultural Therapy is a holistic and interdisciplinary approach.
Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik Wien
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