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Lightweight Membrane Structures

Lightweight Membrane Structures



1 - Guiding Principles

History and Early Applications of Membrane Structures; Fundamental Concepts of Material and Shape 



2 - Architecture and Engineering

Design Strategies and Visual Expressions; Material and Geometry; Psychology and Sociology of Space Management; Climate and Environmental Design; Relevant Standards and Building Codes; Structure Planning, Load Analysis and Dynamics


3 - Tools for Design

Software tools for Architects and Engineers; Comprehensive Building Information Modelling, Production Planning and Life Cycle Engineering



4 - Material and Details

Material Properties and Advantages; Light Transmission; Energy and Solar Gain; Building Physics, Detail Development; Testing and Monitoring



5 - Management, Production Process and Assembly

Multi-disciplinary Team Building; Project Management (Commercial, Technical and Regulative Aspects); Quality Management; Cost Determination; Contract Procedures (Tender Development); Production and Handling; On-site Assembly and Control; Sustainability, Maintenance and Recycling


6 - Master’s Thesis

Thesis development will focus on topics that strengthen overall knowledge and skills management, scientific research, innovation, product development, patents, publications and identify areas for further studies