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Lightweight Membrane Structures

Lightweight Memebrane Structures


> In the pioneering spirit of visionaries like Frei Otto or Antoni Gaudí, we are proud to offer a Master’s Program in Lightweight Membrane Structures.


> Through continuing advances in technology, materials and design approaches, Lightweight Membrane Structures (LMS) offer immense opportunities to translate moments of recognition and inspiration into creative, functional designs.


> These flexible, non-rigid materials are increasingly used worldwide in structures ranging from shade sails, facades up to stadium roofs. While this innovative technology effectively manages and incorporates multi- dimensional spaces, it also unleashes the boundless creativity and vision required to rapidly make design - a physical reality.

> The knowledge and skills acquired in this unique program will build upon early work and core principles integrating the most recent advances in both new materials and building technologies.

> The world leading experts and practitioners offer unique knowledge and insights into the latest fabrication technologies as well as practical appli- cation skills from the evolving global sector of Lightweight Membrane Structures.


Lightweight Membrane Structures MEng is a four semester part-time master's program for professionals. The MEng consists of five modules, each lasting ten days. The next MEng starts on May 16th 2019 at Danube University Krems. Applications are now open.