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Master of Arts in Social Innovation


Methodology and Time Schedule


The programme of study consists of assessed course modules that are delivered through a blend of online distance learning and a set of face-to-face sessions held at Danube University Krems. Attendance days will be full days, usually blocks from Mondays to Fridays, to optimise your time and travel efforts.

According to the number of ECTS credits, students must plan for extra workload in addition to these attendance days. Each course module is individually assessed, whereby students will have to demonstrate a range of research skills, including study of literature, critical analysis through reports, group work, oral presentations and/or research proposal development and completion.
A typical module of 6-8 ECTS generally consists of


  • a preliminary online phase for the activation of prior knowledge
  • a face-to-face session combining workshops, discussions and theoretical inputs provided by the lecturers
  • an intermediate phase of work to draw up a learning product
  • a follow-up phase with a final performance assessment


The online phases are accompanied by an online learning platform. This platform will serve as an organizational "switchboard" between the course director and the students, as well as a platform for the exchange of communication and the documentation of joint work.


Time Schedule MASI 03

The schedule below shows the face-to-face sessions for the five term master's program. The three-term academic expert program ends October 2017 (all dates are subject to change).

Sessions usually start at 09:15 am and end at 05:45 pm.


1st Block   2nd Block   3rd Block   4th Block
Mon, 03.10.2016  Mon, 30.01.2017  Mon, 03.04.2017  Mon, 10.07.2017
Tue, 04.10.2016  Tue, 31.01.2017 Tue, 04.04.2017  Tue, 11.07.2017 
Wed, 05.10.2016  Wed, 01.02.2017  Wed, 05.04.2017  Wed, 12.07.2017 
Thu, 06.10.2016 Thu, 02.02.2017 Thu, 06.04.2017 Thu, 13.07.2017 
Fri, 07.10.2016 Fri, 03.02.2017 Fri, 07.04.2017 Fri, 14.07.2017


5th Block   6th Block   7th Block   8th Block
& Defensio  
Mon, 09.10.2017 Mon, 16.01.2018 Mon, 09.04.2018 Mon, 02.07.2018
Tue, 10.10.2017 Tue, 17.01.2018 Tue, 10.04.2018  Tue, 03.07.2018
Wed, 11.10.2017 Wed, 18.01.2018 Wed, 11.04.2018  
Thu, 12.10.2017   Thu, 12.04.2018  

January 2018