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Master of Arts in Social Innovation

Study Program Module Contents Curricula

Study Program

The aim of this study programme is to provide professionals with substantial knowledge of how to stimulate, accompany, control and evaluate social innovations, allowing them to contribute to the social dimension of economic and technological change.


Graduates will be able to use their knowledge effectively in the development, planning and implementation of social transformation processes. Besides students will be trained in counselling and the supervision of social innovations in organisations including private enterprises, social, political or cultural institutions, educational institutions and nonprofit organisations (NPOs).


This programme creates a solid basis for a career as an independent innovator. Not only a professional portfolio of competences will be developed, but students will also conduct a project work which stimulates and supports the professional development und increases the chances on the job-market.


Curriculum Academic Expert (72 ECTS)

Course  Content  ECTS 
1. Social Science Fundamentals and the theory of social innovation    
2. Ideas creation, design and implementation of social innovations    
3. Identification of social innovations and impact measurement    
4. Social innovations in all sectors of society   
5. Qualification profile of social innovators I: Planning expertise    
6. Qualification profile of social innovators II:
Implementation competence 
7. Qualification profile of social innovators III:
Social competence 
8. Scientific methods    
9. Seminar to project work   
10. Project work / Internship     10 

Additional Curriculum Master Program (120 ECTS)

Course  Content  ECTS 
11. Science & Practice    
12. Qualification profile of social innovators IV:
Communication skills  
13. Qualification profile of social innovators V:
Media competence 
14. Digital competence portfolio   
15. Seminar to MT    
16. Master Thesis    20 

Module Contents


Here you can find some examples of detailed module contents which are available for download.
Apart from the contents the .PDF-files contain informations concerning lecturers, prerequisites, goals, teaching methods, selected literature or the so-called "workload distribution". This figure describes student's estimated amount of work. Please note that this specification indicates a maximum value and students mostly will need less amount of time (perhaps even much less time with previous knowledge in respective areas).


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Here you can find the Curricula ("Verordnungen") for the "MA"- as well as for the "AE"-courses of Study in Social Innovation. Please note that at Danube University Krems the official language for the publication of all Regulations of Studies is German.
If you are interested in an English version please contact Mag.a Denisa Vesely


Mitteilungblatt Nr. 43 / 2015