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Master of Arts in Social Innovation

 Master of Arts in Social Innovation

Further Information

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Six good reasons to take part in this master's programme

  1. This is the first master's programme which exclusively focuses on social innovations. 

  2. The language of instruction is English which we believe will add internationality to the programme. Furthermore the course is designed to meet the demands of social innovations across borders. 

  3. Under the scientific leadership of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Hochgerner, the international faculty of this master's programme is defined by an excellent selection of the most renowned scientists in social innovation. Our lecturers represent the international state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in the field of social innovation.
  4. The delivery method provides maximum flexibility for professional students as our master's program is a part time study course. The core curriculum is characterised by a blended learning approach, combining a sensible mix of face-to-face sessions and supervised self-study and online learning phases.

  5. The use of e-portfolios allows for documenting the student's learning competences throughout the program.  Moreover, it can be used to plan one's further professional development and provides as a perfect digital instrument for job applications in the respective area.

  6. A final project work will allow students to develop an evaluation grid ("certificate for social innovation") that may be used in future organisational assessments. Graduates are qualified to award organisations and enterprises with a "certiticate for social innovation". Being a qualified evaluator for social innovation could be an additional career opportunity through raising the image and the reputation of socially innovative institutions and  individual social entrepreneurs.

    For further information and enquiries regarding admission and study program please contact the course director.