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Master of Arts in Social Innovation

European Master of Social Innovation

Grants and Fundings

Qualification support for employees from the European Social Fond (EFS)

The Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) and the European Social Fund (ESF) support training measures for workers and employees. The aim of this support is to secure employment of workers and to facilitate training activities for employers.
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Public Employment Service Austria (AMS)
European Social Fund

Federal Fundings

Most provinces offer federal fundings. Please contact your Federal Government Office or visit their respective Web portals, such as for Lower Austria, or for Upper Austria.

Continuing Education Account from waff

The "Continuing Education Account" was introduced by the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (waff) and supports continuing education and vocational training for unemployed as well as employed Viennese if they attend programmes offered by educational institutions recognised by waff.

Educational Leave

Educational leave is granted to an employee for educational purposes for a specific period (3 - 12 months) during working hours, with adequate financial entitlements. Educational leave is open to employees who have been working in the same organisation/ company/ institution for at least one year. Individuals on EL receive a grant provided by the AMS, that is equivalent to the unemployment compensation the employee is eligible for.

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Bildungskarenz Plus
To help students to find financial support for studying the "Master of Arts in Social Innovation", we started a cooperation with . Through crowdfunding they help accepted applicants and students to raise "top-ups" to complement their funding mix. Through this process, students develop entrepreneurial skills and network with potential employers and mentors.
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