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Master of Arts in Social Innovation


Career Options

Experts all over the world are convinced that the 21st century will urgently need Social Innovators in all aspects of the society.

Geoff Mulgan, one of the leading Social Innovators, defines social innovations as “social both in their ends and in their means”. Hence, Social Innovators create innovations that simultaneously meet social needs and create new social relationships or collaborations, that are good for society and enhance society’s capacity to act.

Your skills and expertise as a Consulter for and Manager of Social Innovations will be needed for example in the public sector for developing more democracy in regional or local administrations, creating social environment and social housing, improving public health and social security, educational institutions, public employment services, and consulting with social partners or other representative civil society stakeholders.

In the private economic sector, HR Management is a vast field for Social Innovators to find new solutions for bettering working conditions for employees of all ages and with all cultural backgrounds, creating an environment for a healthy work-life balance, new possibilities for further education and developing sustainable business solutions as well as evaluating and certifying already realized social innovations in enterprises and companies.
Last but not least the field of social work is waiting for Professionals in Social Innovations to help creating better conditions for children living in poverty, aid for senior citizens or disabled people, integration assistance for refugees, or hospitals and care centers.

The following job-ads should illustrate the wide professional field of activity after graduating as a Master of Arts in Social Innovation!


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