Image Science and Media Art Masterclass "Chrysalis"

Masterclass "Chrysalis"

Chrysalis Masterclass Edm
6 day Exhibition Development intense group workshop

Target group Participation types:
1. Individual participation
2. Image Science Alumni
3. Exhibiton Development Students
Lecturer Frank den Oudsten
Methods group workshop
Language English (Deutsch möglich)
Date(s) / Start June 2019 (ExDev students)(Individuals & Alumni)
Duration 6 days
ECTS-Points 30 (for ExDev students)  (Info about ECTS)
Venue Atelier of the Kunstmeile Krems
Organizer Department for Image Science
Contact and Information Wendy Jo Coones, M.Ed.
Phone: +43 (0)2732 893-2543, Fax: +43 (0)2732 893-4551

Transition - Transformation - Metamorphosis

Each exhibition project undergoes a process of becoming. This process has many possible permutations dependent on content, actors/players, duration, materials, and more. Like the caterpillar entering the chrysalis and emerging as a new entity ready to take wing, each exhibition goes through an extraordinary process of transformation when elements and outcomes are creatively negotiated.


Chrysalis is also an exhibition metaphor as an ephemeral and temporary shell or shelter of an idea with transformative potential for the mindset of the visitor. If the exhibition leaves the visitor cold, untouched, uninspired, then what is the point of it all?


Under the guidance of the long-standing external faculty member of the Department for Image Scinece

- designer, teacher, writer and performer   Frank den Oudsten -

the Masterclass "Chrysalis" participants will work together as a single entity to develop a group exhibition over 6 intense days in the Atelier of the Kunstmeile Krems - emerging on the final day.


Exhibitions are inevitably developed as team-based endeavors, whether large or small. Good teams with meaningful outcomes embrace and utilize the challenges of their different backgrounds by drawing upon their strengths from the various communities of practice in the creation of something new.


The Masterclass Chrysalis becomes a rewarding and authentic experience through diverse collaborating participants, and thus encourages designers, fabricators, conservators, curators, educators, IT specialists, scientists, humanists, philosophers, communicators, artists, and life-long-learners to join us in November. The maximum number of participants is based on availability of distributed places as Individual, Exhition Development Students or Image Science Alumni.


Participation types   1. Individual participation
2. Image Science Alumni   3. ExDev Students  
  as a 6-day Masterclass   as Dept. for Image Science
post-graduate program alumni  
as an add-on to the ExDev CP
Certificate   Confirmation of participation   Confirmation of participation   Certificate 30 ECTS  
Duration   June or August 2018   June or August 2018   June or August 2018 (module)
>> June or August 2018 (workshop) <<
Feb 03 - 11, 2018 (module)  
Course fee   EUR 950   EUR 800   EUR 450  
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