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Students MediaArtHistories/Testimonials


Academic degree(s): Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art History and Painting

2011 - 2012: Studio and Painting Assistant, Jim Sajovic Artworks, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
2012: Research Assistant, Professor Michele Fricke, Chair of the Art History Program,Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
2013: Education/Interpretation and Exhibition Internship Stefania Van Dyke, Master Teacher for Textile


Joncates 2

chair & Associate Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Academic degree(s): BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts – Art & Cinema Studies)

Testimonial: "The MediaArtHistories Masters program at the Danube University Krems in Austria is an amazing, innovative and ground-breaking program that not only provides the premiere Masters degree in Media Art Histories in the world but brings together top international theorists,
scholars, artists and curators. Coursework focuses attention on the most pressing issues of Media Art Histories and provides opportunities for exchange between the students and lecturers, working professionals in the field in Media Art. The intensity and focus of the program encourages discussion between students and lecturers in class as well as in social situations made possible in the informal meeting areas and restaurants at the picturesque Stift Göttweig, Furth (the town below the Monastery) and in Krems (on the campus of the University). Visits to organizations and locations such as C3 in Budepest, ZKM in Karlsruhe, TESLA and the RE:PLACE Media Art Histories Conference in Berlin and Ars Electronica and Stadtwerkstatt in Linz are wonderful opportunities to meet those working so in the field, learning directly from them and their organizations."

Wai Yee Winnie FU/Hong Kong SAR

Fu Portraits

Arts Criticism, Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Academic degree(s): BSc Bachelor of Social Sciene

As an exhibition curator working at the Hong Kong Film Archive, eager to stay up to date regarding new media and multi-media development. I felt super lucky to have encountered acclaimed theorists and famous media artists from worldwide, taken part in a few mind-broadening and exciting excursions. As privileged students from the MediaArtHistories courses, we had the chance to take part in crucial discussions around hot topics related to Media Arts. At the campus of Krems and Furth/Goettweig, Austria, we were engulfed by a “lyrical” landscape that served as our learning environment. As a young and energetic department in image science, the entire course design can surely be termed unique and inspirational."

Rolf WOLFENSBERGER/Switzerland


Medienarchiv der Künste, Züricher Hochschule der Künste

Academic degree(s): Dr.

Testimonial: "The wide range of lecturers (artists, arthistorians, curators, conservators, etc.) that were invited to the four modules and the diversity of students with different backgrounds gave me truly inspiring insights.
Even for students with full-time employments the low-residency structure of the course makes it possible to accomplish the assignments and finish the studies. This needs of course some tight scheduling and a certain amount of flexibility on both sides."



Academic degree(s): BA (Art History), MS (Library Science)

2000-2001: M.S., Library Science, Archives Concentration; Simmons College, Boston USA, 1992-1999: B.A. Art History, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Vocational career: 2004-present: Photograph and Map Archivist; Washington State Archives, Olympia, WA; USA 2001-2004: Art Cataloger; Adademy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, USA; 2003-2004: Archivist; Moore College of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, 2000-2001: Archival Assistant, Houghton Library, Harvard College Libraries, Cambridge USA

Nicolas ROMANACCI/German

Portrait Romanacci

Doktorand Erberhard Karls Universität tübingen, Autor, Künstler, art director

Academic degree(s): Diploma Communication Designer

Testimonial: “Current information in image science and MediaArtHistories (important: comparison of different approaches, no dogmata) renowned and charismatic lecturers from all over the world, fantastic and wonderful colleagues, fantastic location, custom-made modules… and beside the personal fulfilment first results, too: e.g. invitation for a lecture about Nelson Goodman at the 12th international Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Semiotik… wonderful… Many thanks to the nice team of the Department for Image Science.”

Rachelle Viader KNOWLES/Great Britain and Canada

Rachelle Vieder Knowles

Head and Graduate Coordinator, Department of Visual Arts, University of Regina, Canada

Academic degree(s): MFA, BA (Hons) Fine Art; Associate Professor

Testimonial: "With a structure that enables study parallel to employment, the Media Art Histories program is an innovative model of education that attracts students from around the world, already advanced in
professional careers. This is a truly international program that introduces you to the leaders in the field and immediately places you as part of a global network. The modules are dynamic, intense, intellectually challenging and extremely fun! Trips to key institutions and events compliment seminars and lectures and regular online contact between the program participants maintains the group dynamic between modules. The location in the Wachau region of Austria
is spectacular and steeped in history and one of the many benefits of the program is the rich experience of this beautiful part of the world."

Reginald NJEMANZE/Nigeria

Njemanze Reginald

Independent Arts and Crafts Professional

Academic degree(s): Higher National Diploma

Testimonial: "Being someone from a very practical background of sculpture, the huge theoretical base of the course, was a bit daunting for me at the beginning but looking back at the structure of the course and what we have done all through; I have learnt to carry out research more independently and confidently. The teaching methods and the support of the entire staff has also helped improve my presentation skills, how to do scientific writing and above all corroborative and interdisciplinary work
which is a very important aspect in contemporary art practice.
I would strongly recommend this course for anybody trying to explore the most intriguing ways media history is bound to digital and/or contemporary art."


Eleni Michailidi

Academic degree(s): Ptychion (Mag.)

Testimonial: "Apart from the big advantage of the parallel to employment structure, the Media Art Histories program proved a truly valuable educational experience. As lecturers and students come from all different kinds of fields and backgrounds, the resulting interaction is extremely interesting and fruitful, keeping the spectrum of the course wide and open."

Joanna Marta WALEWSKA/Polish

Walewska Foto

Academic degree(s): -

2004-2008: student in the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow
Vocational career: since May 2006: Member of the ademic Society Collegium Invisibile in Warsaw

Claudia Marcela ALVAREZ AROZQUETA/Mexican


Academic degree(s): BA, MA (Master of Fine Arts, MediaArtHistories)

BA in History, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico,
UNAM – graduated with Honors Mention, Mexico City, Mexico
Vocational career: independent curator in many curatorial projects

Testimonial: "The MA in MediaArtHistories is a fantastic, innovative and international program with top lecturers and theorists from around the world. A great educational experience in the beautiful and historical Wachau region of Austria."

Gabriele KEPPLINGER/Austria


Academic degree(s): PhD

University Salzburg: Italian/German language and literature studies
Vocational career: 07/2007-present: co-conception and organisation of the conference: “Fernsehen der dritten Art – alternative TV-Modelle”, cultural administration course – BFI Linz
1.2.2005-31.7.2007: Johannes Kepler University Linz: gender mainstreaming “JKU goes gender”, 2000-31.01.2005: Management of the Company Arts and Cultural Association Stadtwerkstatt

Omar BERAKDAR/Syrian

Omar Berakdar

Academic degree(s): Degree in Applied Chemistry

Testimonial: "On a personal level, the MAH course has had a very positive impact on both my career and my intellectual development. I have found the opportunity to discuss issues with fellow students from around the world and leading figures in a variety of fields ‑ the arts, science and culture ‑ extremely stimulating, as was the chance to visit leading cultural institutions in the field of media art. What I found particularly rewarding was that the course addressed the needs of people already involved in the art world, so it was a great opportunity to develop relationships with art practitioners, whether artists, curators or exhibition organizers and to discuss experiences and new developments."

Stephanie THON/Germany


Academic degree(s): -

1996: Bayrische Akademie für Fernsehen/Video-Operator
1993-95: Media Design, Media Design Academy / CT
Computer Training
Vocational career: Since 2007: Motion Design Freelancer with focus‚ installation for Events, fair and exhibition.
2007-März 08: Creative Director for lucie_p Film GmbH, Project management for the medial display of the Spring-Exhibition 2008 in the BMW-World. ARRI Film & TV Services as Senior Assistant

Sonja Silvia SCHACHINGER/Austria

Schachinger Sonja Silvia

Freie Kunstvermittlerin, Kunsthalle Krems

Academic degree(s): MA (Master of Fine Arts, MediaArtHistories)

1999-2008 study of Economics WU-Vienna
Theory of colours at the TU-Vienna special Psychology training with a focus on Hermeneutic Observations
1998-1999 study of Architecture TU-Vienna

Morales Muñoz Fran ILLICH/Mexico

Fran Illich

Academic degree(s): B.A. in Latin American Studies (incomplete)

B.A. in Latin American Studies, Alliant International University (unfinished). San Diego - Mexiko Stadt (2003-2007), Film direction. Instituto Ruso-Mexicano (Mexiko Stadt, 2002)Screenwriting (University of California Los Angeles extension)Program in Design of web-based narrative, Trace online school for writers, Nottingham Trent University, 2002. Scholarship recipient. Vocational career: Director of the literature department at Centro Cultural Tijuana. Tijuana 2009-2010, Freelance media artist (2003-2009),Professor of streaming media video @ Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado La Esmeralda (2004), Mexico City,Researcher at Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes (2002), México City, Editor of Sputnik Cultura digital printed and online magazine (2000-2001), Mexico City. Screenwriter for Discovery Channel Interacción documentary series. (1996-1997), Los Angeles, USA.

Guilherme KUJAWSKI/Brasil

Guilherme Kujawski

Academic degree(s): B.A. in English Literature (incomplete), MA (Master of Fine Arts, MediaArtHistories)

English Literature at Pontificia Universidade Católica de Sao Paulo (PUC) – Brasil, Courses on Digital TV
Vocational career: Since 2002 coordinator of Itaulab, editor of CIBERCULTURA, 2001 – 2002 reporter of technology at Carta Capital magazine, 1999 – 2001 editor of, 1997 – 2000 web writer at Internort, 1995 – 2000 reporter of technology at O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper, 1999 consultant at MTV Brasil website revamp, 1986 – 1992 free-lancer comic book translator for Editora Abril and Editora Globo.

Robin Alexander PECKHAM/USA

Robin Alexander Reckham

Academic degree(s): -

09/2006-12/2007 studied Modern Culture and Media, including media theory, art history, curatorial studies, and gender studies at Brown University (U.S.A.)
Vocational career: Since 12/2008 Founding Director at Society for Experimental Cultural Production (self-employed) (Hong Kong). Main activities and responsibilities: Guiding creative direction of small curatorial and editorial office while developing exhibitions and other events;12/2007 – 07/2009 Gallery Director at Boers-Li Gallery (P.R. China), 03/2008 – 08/2008 Creative Manager at Minty Culture Bar (P.R. China); 01/2007 – 12/2007 Chinese Archivist at Rockefeller Library East Asian Collection (U.S.A.); 01/2005 – 03/2008 Curator at What?! Bar (P.R. China); 11/2004 – 06/2005 Gallery Assistant at Long March Space (P.R. China); 09/2004 – 12/2004 International Coordinator at Hart Salon Center for the Arts (P.R. China).

Hrvoje HIRSL/Croatia

Hrvoje Hirsl

Artist and designer

Academic degree(s): BA of Design of Visual Communication

Design of Visual Communication, Art Academy, University of Split 2005 - 2009
Vocational career: currently Produkcija 004, full time job as graphic designer, 2009,41. Journal of film and video, visual identity for the oldest Croatian film festival, 2009 Laboratorium, outsourced on wide variety of projects, 2008 Cinema Club Split, visual identity and design of the club and development of the web site, 2007 Studio Cavarpayer, outsourced on “Outward 2007 annual award”, festival of outdoor advertising.

Hiroko MYOKAM/Japan

Hiroko Myokam

Research fellow intermedia art Institute, Düsseldorf

Academic degree(s): Plastic Art and Mixed Media, Media Master

The Art and Media Lab Course, Studio 4: Media Aesthetics / International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS] / Ogaki City / Japan / from 2000 to 2002, Plastic Art and Mixed Media / University of Tsukuba / Tsukuba City / Japan / from 1995 to 1999
Vocational career: Independent Media Art Curator, Founder and CEO of NPO Community Design Council [CDC], 2002 – now, Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] (Tokyo, Japan), 2007.-2009, Curator, SK
IPCITY Visual Museum (Saitama, Japan), 2004-2007

Testimonial: "I must say that thanks to Donau University, I am here now.
When I entered the University, I was interested in the conservation and archive development for media art. At that time I could not find any educational institutions in Japan where these studies could be pursued. In addition, while in Japan and employed I was not able to become a “full-time” student. Both the program and its schedule were perfect for me.
Needless to say, all universities provide students with triggers and research environments to study deeper individually. However, Donau University additionally gave me considerable multilateral perspectives beyond what I had previously experienced dealing with media art. My international classmates are my most important treasures. The classroom became like a small international congress, with 14 students and 11 nationalities represented.
Honestly speaking, I cannot recommend the Media Art Histories course to everybody, because the course itself is very experimental! I have always expected, not so much its normal academic evaluation but its variety of unknown educational possibilities for the media art field where new expertise is required. I am honored to be able to be a witness of that which will certainly be regarded as a “legendary” course in the future."

Laura Plana GRACIA/Spain

Laura Plana

Freelance curator

Academic degree(s): MA Curatorial Practices Art & New Media

Advanced Certificate in English Language, Cambridge, United Kingdom 2009, Curating, Communication and Criticism, Central Saint Martins, University of Arts, London 2009, MA Curatorship and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media, MECAD Media Center of Art and Design School Superior of Design – University Ramon Llull, Barcelona 2007, BA History of Art, UB University of Barcelona, Barcelona 2006
Vocational career: Crisp London Los Angeles Gallery, Assistant Director, London, 2009, Galeria Joan Prats, Register, Barcelona 2008, Museu Dalí Barcelona – Real Cercle Artístic, Research, Barcelona 2008, Fundació Gala - Salvador Dalí, Archive, Figueres 2007, CASM Centro de Arte Santa Monica, Barcelona 2002, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Library, Barcelona 2002

Magdalena RAJNECOVA/Slovakia

Magdalena Rajnecova

Academic degree(s): Bc.

Evening school of photography (Institut of digital photography)-2009, Charles University, Prague, School of Human Studies, Prague, Czech Republic, 2003 - 2008, ITIL preparation course, Foundation in IT Service Management level certificate, DELF B1- certificate of french language, Prague Film Academy (Series of evenings consisting of lectures and screenings)-2007
Vocational career: I have few working experience in the field of culture, from galleries and museums. I am currently on internship in DOX, Centre of the contemporary art in Prague, where I work as an informer. The other branch of my career was in the field of IT, I was working in two international companies over past 5 years, on helpdesk and as an IT resources coordinator. I spent one of these years on managerial position, leading a team of 7 people. Part of my carrer was parallel to my University studies, having studied on full time program.


Alicia Edelman

Academic degree(s): BA Art History and Techocultural Studies

2006-2010 Art History and Techocultural Studies, with honors in both majors, Bachelor of Arts, University of
California, Davis
Vocational career: 2010 Business Director, KDVS Radio; Summer 2010 Internship in development department, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; 2009-2010 Internship in the Museum Ambassador Program, De Young Museum; 2008-2010 Programming Director KDVS Radio; 2009 Internship in the development department, De Young Museum; 2007-2008 Underwriting Director, KDVS Radio.

Testimonial:"A truly flexible and experimental program, Media Art Histories introduces students to the top theorists, academics, artists and historians working within Media Arts today. The module and guest lecture structure provides a diverse and strong international faculty, and the small class size promotes intimate, in-depth lectures. Students who are not just students but professionals within the field themselves contribute to extremely challenging and rewarding classroom discussions, and module excursions are always invigorating and exciting, especially when visiting the Media Arts History conference or Ars Electronica. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who would like to work towards a master's degree within a program that encourages experimentation, participation, and collaboration."

Matthias Siegfried BERGER/Switzerland

Matthias Siegfried Berger

Academic degree(s): MA (Master of Fine Arts, MediaArtHistories)

Studied evangelic reformed theology, University Bern &
Nairobi (Kenya), 4 years advanced training in gestalt psychotherapy (in the field psychologically consultation) at the Institut für Gestalttherapie Würzburg (IGW); advanced training in „methodical gestalt psychotherapy with couples and families“ at the IGW, advanced training in psychologically debriefing and in validation techniques for dementia affected people.
Vocational career: Since 12/2002 priest's office at the hospital in Stial Bülach (canton Zürich); since 08/2002 priest’s office at the jailhouse in Pfäffikon (canton Zürich); 1999-2002 hospital priest office in the psychical hospital Reinau (canton Zürich); 1998-1999 serveral professional representations as priest in parishs; 1990-1998 parishes priest’s office Münchenbuchsee, Bern

Venus Sau Yee LAU/China


Academic degree(s): -

09/2001 – 05/2003 Higher Diploma in Translation theories and practice at Caritas Francis Hsu College
Vocational career: Since 12/2008 Founder and Chairman of Society for Experimental Cultural Production (self-employed), Hong Kong; 2008-2009 Project Curator and researcher at Vitamin Creative Space, China; 2007-2008 Art Editor at True Run Media

Unnur Gudrún ÒTTARSDÓTTIR/Iceland

Unnur Gudrun Ottarsdottir

Academic degree(s): -

2007-2010 BA in fine art, Icland Academy of Arts; 1998-2006 PhD in art therapy, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK; 2000-2001 foundation course, The Reykjavik School of Visual Art; 1988-1991 MA in art therapy, Pratt Institute, New York, USA; 1983-1986 Bed in teaching, Iceland University of Education, Reykjavik, Iceland
Vocational career: 2003-2010 independent researcher at The Reykjavik Academy; 2008 solo Exhibition “Post woman” at Café Karólína; 2007 solo Exhibition “Book live” at The Reykjavik Academy; 2006-2010 Chairman at Icelandic Art Therapy Association; 2005-2006 member of a committee for art therapy education; 2004-2010 numerous group exhibitions; 2004-2006 Cashier at Icelandic Art Therapy Association; 1991-2010 director and art therapist at Art Therapy Studio Unnur Òttarsdóttir

Verena PIZZINI/Austria

Verena Pizzini

Academic degree(s): -

Since 2009 'Image Science' at Donau Universität Krems, 2007 – 2009 art history, theater arts at Universität Wien; 2005 – 2006 film- and media management, educational science at Università; Benincasa Suorsola,
Naples, Italy; 2004 – 2008 teacher training college, Austria
Vocational career: 2010 conception for the exhibition-row 'Kultursalon', Vienna and the exhibition 'Raum und Fleisch', Vienna; 2009 co-conception and technical assistance at the 'Japan Media Art festival' in Vienna; since 2005 freelance photographer

Mario Giuseppe Antonio RIZZI/Italy

Mario Giuseppe Antonio Rizzi

Academic degree(s): -

Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome,
Italy Facolm di Medicina e Chirurgia: 21 exams; The Slade School of Fine Art - University College in London, UK: Foundation Course in Life Painting; Cambridge Centre for Advanced English - University of Cambridge, UK: "Preparation for Cambridge Proficiency" Summer Course; Centre d'Etudes Franyaises - Universite de Caen, France: Cours Internationaux d'ete.
Vocational career: 1996 to date Full time Professional Visual Artist; 1990-1996 Full time Professional Photographer took part in Sydney Biennial 2004, Istanbul Biennial 2005, Taipei Biennial 2008, and won the Best Artist Prize in Sharjah Biennial2005. His film “impermanent” was selected for the Official Programme of the 58th International Filmfestspiele Berlin 2008. Exhibitions and screenings of his work were presented at Tate Modern in London, Kunstalle Fidericianum in Kassel and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Monika RIENOESSL/Austria


Academic degree(s): MA (Master of Fine Arts, MediaArtHistories)

1997-1998 Diplom Psychosocial course, Psychosozialen Akademie der Psychosozialen Dienste, Vienna; 1992-1996 Diplom in the field of study ceramic, Wiener Kunstschule, Vienna
Vocational career: since 2003 curator for exhibitions; since 1997 artist; since 1996 head of the artistic group in the “Tageszentrum Psychosozialer Dienst”, Vienna


Rodriguez Caamano

Academic degree(s): Bachelor of Fine Arts

2004-2009 Bachelor in Fine Arts; Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico; Social Service at the contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey (MARCO); Internship at San Pedro Garza Garcia’s Museum “El Centenario”; two
Diplomas in “Catedra de Arte Sacio” (religious Art).
Vocational career: 2008 Internship: “El Centenario” Museum of San Pedro Garza Garcia’s history; 2006-2007 Social Service: Museum Guide in the Contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey “MARCO”; 2002-2004 Assistant of the postgraduate Division Manager of “Sotavento’s University”

Olga TYKHONOVA/Ukraine

Olga Tykhonova

Academic degree(s): -

2005-2009 Bachelor in Philology at the Kyiv National Linguistic University (Ukraine)
Vocational career: Since 2011 Project coordinator at Nouveaux Cinemas Ukraine (French digital film festival);
Since 2010 Project coordinator at "Cultural Project" Initiative; 2009-2010 Program coordinator at Karas gallery (Ukraine); 2008-2009 program curator at "Interculture" public organisation.

Natalia TOMILOVA/Russia

Natalia Tomilova

Academic degree(s): -

2006-2008 Postgraduate in Cultural Management at University of Manchester, Moscow School of Social & Economic Sciences; 2002 – 2004 Social & Cultural Service at RosNoU (Russian New University), Moscow
Vocational career: Since 11/2008 Development and Public Relations Director at Media Art Lab; 2005 – 2008 Special Projects & Events Director at Ogilvy Worldwide; 2004 – 2005 Project Coordinator at Ogilvy Worldwide.

Won Joon YOO/Republic of Korea

won Joon Yoo

Academic degree(s): -

2003-2006 Master of Arts in Art Studies, Media Studies at Hong-Ik University (Arts Department), Seoul (South
Korea); 1999-2003 BA in Art Studies, Media Studies at Hong-Ik University (Arts Department), Seoul (South Korea)
Vocational career: Since March 2010 lecturer at Kon-Kuk University, Seoul; Since 09/2008 lecturer at Chon-buk National University, Chon-ju (South Korea); Since 09/2008 lecturer at Korea National University of Arts, Seoul; Since 2004 Director and chief executive of Aliceon (; 2007-2008 lecturer at Se-Jong University, Seoul; 2007-2008 lecturer at Soong-Sil University, Seoul; 10/2009 Administration department manager at Seoul Arts Support Program Fair, Seoul; 2006-2009 Educational Manager at Art Center Nabi, Seoul; 02/2005-12/2005 Department manager of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea; 03/2002-11/2002 Coordinator at Seoul Contemporary Museum of Art; 2000-2002 Database and Management at Hong-Ik University, Seoul

Katrin CEBUL/Austria


Academic degree(s): Mag. Art.

1998-1992 Masterclass of Visual Media Design,
University of Applied Arts, Vienna; 1988-1987 Film and Television/ University of Music and Performing Art, Vienna; 1987-1986 German language and Journalism/ University of Vienna
Vocational career: “AIRTRAFFIC”/ a medial ligthsculpture, creating concept, project management, realization;
2008 photography for ArriNews, freelance; 2007-1990 analog and digital video editing, feelance at ORF Departments: Art And Culture, Politics And Events, Science, Sports, Religion

Nina WENHART/German


Academic degree(s): -

Testimonial: "The concentrated set-up of the MAH-program is unique. Great lecturers and students come from all over the world and from various artistic and theortical backgrounds. Lectures last for the whole day, but most often even go on in the breaks and at night when we all have dinner together. Because of the small group size, students and lecturers develop an unparalleled and intensive kind of relationship, which resulted in very open and enriching discussions. The learning process and effects are thereby greatly intensified. Oliver Grau and his team have managed to create an almost family-like athmosphere for lecturers and students where everyone feels welcome, challanged and inspired. The low residency model of the program proved that working profesionally and studying inetnsively are manageable at the same time. Because of its modular structure, new people came in every semester, which was great for the group dynamics. The group is so amazing, we began and continue to collaborate on projects outside the modules, collectively write a blog ( and engange in ongoing discussions of Media Art Histories. Because of the compressed time of the modules, the small size of of the village and the long days together, these people have become my dearest friends. So in addition to what I have learned in Krems, having found these wonderful people is what I am most greatful for."