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Music for Applied Media, MA

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Topics and Contents

Topics   Content  
Music History and Aesthetics   Western Music History Survey I, II, III
Popular Music Forms, Jazz
Global Music: Traditional & Contemporary "World" Music Genres
Psychology and Music Perception
Music Aesthetics, Humanity and Society
Listening and Analysis
Orchestration   Fundamentals of Orchestral Writing: Instrumentation and Notation
Orchestration Methods: Legacy, Electro- acoustic, Electronic, Digital, Soundscapes
Composition   Composition Workshop / Composer in Residence: Scoring for Film
Composition Workshop / Composer in Residence: Sonic Branding
Composition Workshop / Composer in Residence: Orchestral Writing
Composition Workshop / Composer in Residence: Scoring for Television
Composition Workshop / Composer in Residence: Scoring for Games and Interactive Media
Composition Workshop / Composer in Residence: Scoring for Film and Media according to Genres, Aesthetics Integration
Music Analysis   Listening & Analysis
Story Telling, Sound Design and Music Aesthetics
Management and Entrepreneurship   Survey of Business Administration
Introduction to Microeconomics
Sponsorships, Funding and Financing
Marketing, Sales, and PR for Composers and Music-Artist Managers
Creative Leadership and Organization
Entrepreneurship Fundamentals for Music Professionals
Professionalism and Ethics

Music and Law   Fundamentals of Civil Law: Continental / Europe, Commonwealth / US
Entertainment and Contractual Law: Continental, Commonwealth
Intellectual Property (IP) Law: Continental, Commonwealth, China
Performance and Collecting Rights Societies: PRO's
Producing and Presenting Public Music Events
Labor Law Survey
Introduction to International Taxation: Laws, Treaties
Music Production for Applied Media   Principles of Acoustics, Sound, and Audio Systems
Digital Audio Workstation Survey and Workshop
Methods of Sound Production and Design: Foley, Synthesis, Audio Signal Processing, Sound Libraries
Production and Project Management: Development, Phases, Timelines, Workflow, Pre-Production, Execution, Post- Production, Delivery
Fundamentals of Film Production and Editing
Audio Recording Workshop
Principles of Interactive Media, and Game Design for Composers
Final Course Project
Scientific Research
Project Management und Presentation
Final Project