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Music for Applied Media


International Guest Faculty (Selection)

Daniel Forden Dwf Image2017aDaniel Forden

sound artist, programmer, composer and producer for Warner Brothers, Interactive Games:
"Mortal Kombat" series and "Injustice"

“When creating music for interactive media like games we cannot predict what’s happening at any given time.
So it’s up to us to create content that is flexible and can react to what action is happening in the game."

>> Biopgraphie & Credits

John Groves PressefotoJohn Groves

international sound branding expert & music producer:
Groves Sound Branding Music Production (Hamburg/Germany)

“We’re talking about professionalising the way that brands and companies communicate with music and sound. Eventually we intend the sound branding’s gonna become part of a holistic corporate identity.”



>> Youtube: John Groves - Sound Branding

Hill _andy FotoAndy Hill

Grammy Award winner, former Disney music supervisor and producer:
“The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”



Kennedy-jayJay Kennedy

composer, arranger and producer for TV commercials: Coca Cola, McDonald's, Pontiac, Levi's, Nike…
Vice President of Acadamic Affairs: Berklee College of Music

>> Berklee College of Music

Miguel Kertsman

Kertsman Miguel 3orchestral composer, musician and Award winning producer: over 200 international releases at Sony Music, RCA Victor Group / BMG, Universal Edition, Tribeca Flashpoint, Naxos Records. Academic program director of “Music Production for Applied Media” (AE), “Music for Applied Media” (MA) and “Music Management” (MA)

“Writing and producing music to support other media can be quite liberating. The ability to work in multiple genres, or hybridizing styles, aligned with teamwork and the potential for wider recognition to one’s work, makes media music activities appealing to many young musicians and composers. Furthermore, if one enjoys movies or games, the gratification to be able to contribute to such a project. In a sense, a double dose of 'doing what you love'.”



>> Newsflash: global album release in Sept.18


Mike MoranMike Moran

composer and musician for film and TV shows, working with renowned artists like Cliff Richard, Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury, Stevie Wonder, Lynsey de Paul, Joe Cocker, Paul Simon, Kate Bush, Roger Glover and George Harrison.


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SalvatoriMike Salvatori

composer for the mega hit games “Halo“ and “Destiny“

“This has been a great experience for me. I’ve done seminars before but they’re usually short. To actually get to dig in with these students, in a small group, lots of one-and-one, lots of questions… I love that because I’m learning a whole lot from them, too.”