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Music for Applied Media


 Qualifications and Prerequisites


  • high level competence in composition and/or music production
  • General university entrance qualification and at least 2 years professional experience (AE program) /
    A College Degree on a related field (MA program)
  • Command of the English language 
  • Motivation and communicative competence


PLEASE NOTE: All moduls of the AE program can be accredited to the master study program "Music for Applied Media"!


Participants are required to own and/or bring the following music production equipment for every module during the Program:

  • A laptop computer with a running professional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) system of choice: Logic or Pro Tools are recommended, followed by Nuendo, Digital Performer, or Cubase
  • A portable audio I/O Interface with a minimum of one microphone input
  • One microphone of choice. A condenser multi-pattern microphone is recommended
  • A portable USB keyboard controller
  • A pair of professional headphones of choice -- we recommend selecting headphones the participants may already know well: Beyer Dynamic, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, AKG, Sony, etc.

Academic or Student discounts may be available from vendors and/or manufacturers for obtaining most of those items in various countries. Please note The Danube University M.A. Program in Music for Applied Media does not in any way endorse any specific brand, manufacturer, or vendor.


Andrea Kaufmann

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