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Certified Program
Image & Science
This program is primarily designed for natural scientists (ranging from biologists to mathematicians; open for other disciplines as well). Nowadays scientists increasingly rely upon images to convey research activities via publications and presentations or in applications. On the shoulders of historically based visual competence new possibilities of visualization of data and results of the latest research are demonstrated. This includes all fields of information relay – from statistic analysis and diagrams to plans and mechanical drawings as well as scientific visualization in medical science and nanotechnology.
On the one hand theory of motives and colours is taught in order that the participants will be able to assess, analyse and convey diagrams and charts in an adequate way. On the other hand skills are practised on the basis of case studies to arrange data and information appropriately. The employment of new tools and techniques of the visualization of information (software, et al.) is going to be part of the education in order to clearly convey results and facts and to make it intuitively ascertainable.
Target group Professionals from interest fields such as natural sciences and humanities, science journalism, graphic and visual communicators in all career fields
Language English
Teaching method Face-to-face teaching
Start The course is planned.
Certificate Certified Program
Duration Duration of study 2 semesters; low-residency presence requirement divided into 3 x 5 days
ECTS-Points 30  (Info about ECTS)
Course fee EUR 4.500,-
Organizer Department for Image Science
Contact Wendy Jo Coones, M.Ed.
Phone: +43 (0)2732 893-2543, Fax: +43 (0)2732 893-4551