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Curriculum Commission

The Senate is authorized to issue and modify curricula by order: For this purpose it establishes a commission authorized to make decisions in accordance with § 25 (8), Line 3 of the University Law 2002. The Commission has been established for the duration of the Senate's term of office.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Brenner
Univ.-Prof. PD Dr. Anja Grebe
Univ.-Prof. MMag. Dr. Gottfried Haber
Andreas Jilly
Mag. Martina Kuttig
Mag. Kay Mühlmann
Dr. Elfriede Neuhold
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michaela Pinter


The Curricula Commission is responsible for passing resolutions concerning all new curricula and for modifying the existing curricula of university courses. The Commission will be assisted by the DLE of Study and Organizational Law in performing its tasks.
The resolutions of the Curricula Commission must be authorized by the Senate.
The curricula authorized by the Senate will be presented to the Rectorate by the DLE of Educational and Organizational Law. The latter decides about the establishment of courses. The Rectorate will be informed about the establishment via the newsletter.


Four members of the group of persons who comprise university professors, including the heads of organizational units with research and teaching tasks or tasks related to the development of the arts and the teaching of art, who are no university professors.

Two members of the group of persons comprising University lecturers and the scientific staff in the research and teaching sector.

Two representatives of students.