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Wendy Jo Coones, M.Ed.

Department for Image Science, Scientific Staff

Wendy Jo Coones, M.Ed.

Wing F, GF, Room 0.005
+43 (0)2732 893-2543
+43 (0)2732 893-4551

Danube-University Krems
Department for Image Science
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Strasse 30
3500 Krems

Wendy Jo Coones is a member of the academic and research staff in the Dept. for Image Science at the Danube University in Krems, Austria. Since 2005 she is responsible for curricula development, teaching, and support of research initiatives. In her capacity as academic lead for post-grad courses in related to digital cultural life, its histories, she prepares post-graduate students for emerging futures in the cultural and creative sectors. She is currently primary coordinating staff for an EU-funded Erasmus Mundus European Master of Excellence program in Media Arts Cultures. She is an experienced exhibit developer and cultural/scientific event coordinator with a fine arts degree in New Genres at the San Francisco Art Institute. After receiving an M.Ed. in Educational Research & Philosophy, she worked for more than a decade at a range of institutions from a Science & History Museum in Texas, a Space Science Center in California to the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin before entering academia.

Areas of Expertise and Research

Exhibitions as informal learning environments
Interactive exhibit development
Course development and scientific course direction
Research on exhibitions as applied image science
Emerging fields in Web 2.0 and digital repositories
From the traveling to the virtual exhibit


Masters in Educational Research
Bachelors of Fine Arts
Professional trainings in Group Facilitation, Informal Education and Project Management

Professional Career

As of Sept 2014 - Head of Coordination for the MEDIA ARTS CULTURES Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree
since 2009 head of the Division of Exhibition Strategies
since April 2007 course director of “Exhibit Design and Management”, lecturer at the Danube University Krems in the Image Science, MA program
Member of the scientific staff at the Department for Image Science - responsible for course development, scholarly event management and teaching since Nov. 2005
Humboldt University in Berlin, coordination: databases & museums, 2002-2005
Free-lance exhibit developer for various international exhibitions, 2002-2005
Chabot Space Science Center, San Francisco, Exhibits Specialist, responsible for all in-house exhibitions at the 2000-2002
Science and History Museum, Dallas/Fort Worth, exhibit developer, 1995 – 2000
Scientific and teaching staff on various publicly funded grants in museums, 1993 – 1995
San Francisco Art Institute, Admissions representative at the BFA and MFA level, 1991-1994

Selected Lectures

“The History of Immersion Techniques in Exhibitions”; (Lecture); “The Senses in Exhibitions” (Workshop) at the University of the Aegean; Mytilini Greece – April 2009
“MediaArtHistoriesArchive”; a discipline specific digital repository; University of Bremen – July 2008
"Scientific platform for an emerging field - and its future" – DEAF Festival - Rotterdam, April 2007
"Creation and Organization of Media Projects"; St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences - May 2006
“Immersive Science Exhibits”; Ecsite Conference November 2004

Overview of Exhibitions

Traveling exhibits – Development and management:

• ALBERT EINSTEIN – DER LEBENSWEG 2005, Universität Wien, Museum of Science und Technology in Peking, Pavia in Italian – reduzierte Variante der Berliner Ausstellung als Wanderausstellung
• DRAGON SKIES – 2003-heute, durch die gesamte USA - Instrumente Chinesischer Astronomie; Antragstellung, Ausschreibungen, Preparation der Artefakte für die Reise, Entwicklung der Ausstellung und des Ausstellungsdesigns, Management der rechtlichen und logistischen Aufgaben
• RISK! – 2001-heute, gesamte USA - Von der National Science Foundation finanzierte Wanderausstellung.
• PLANETARY LANDSCAPCES – 2000-heute, international Venues - Wander- und Dauerausstellung mit Unterstützung der National Science Foundation. Reise
• EXPLORAZONE – 2000/1, Texas und andere Bundesstaaten - Ausstellung entwickelt in Kooperation mit dem Exploratorium, San Francisco.
• LONE STAR DINOSAURS – 1996/98 (Wanderausstellung) 1998-heute. (Dauerausstellung) - Ausstellung der in Texas ausgegrabenen Dinosaurier.
• WHODUNIT? - 1995-heute, Tournee durch die gesamte USA - Th e Science of Forensics (Wanderausstellung 10 Jahre unterwegs), als Teil eines landesweiten Ausstellungskonsortiums

Permanent and Special Exhibitions – Development and Management:


• MAMMUT; MENSCH UND CO. 2008, NÖ Landesmuseum
ALBERT EINSTEIN – INGENIEUR DES UNIVERSUMS – 2005, Berlin, Kronprinzenpalais
• MYSTERIES OF THE MOON – 2002-heute, California, Space Science Center - Exhibit with a real moon rock from NASA
• SHADOWDANCE – 2001-heute, California, Space Science Center - Interactive multimedia exhibit on eclipses
• SOLAR TELESCOPE – 2001-heute, California, Space Science Center - Exhibit on the sun and it’s mythology and science in human history
• SPACEFLIGHT. JOURNEY TO THE STARS – 2001, California, Space Science Center - Supported by NASA
• OUR PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE – 2000-heute, California, Space Science Center - Multimedia introduction to Astronomy
• CALIFORNIA ASTRONOMY – 2000-heute, California, Space Science Center - In association with the Smithsonian Institution
• COMING THROUGH COWTOWN – 1998- heute, Texas, Museum of Science and History - Interactive History
• HANDS ON SCIENCE –1996-heute, Texas, Museum of Science and History - The first exhibit of its kind designed by university education department and museum for teacher training
• DINO DIG – 1994-heute, Texas, Museum of Science and History - First of its kind paleontology simulation experience