Code of Conduct of Danube University Krems

1. Preamble

  • Danube University Krems is Europe’s leading public university for continuing education. It directs its teaching and research to societal challenges.
  • The staff at Danube University Krems abide by the law as well as the published guidelines (compliance). Observing ethical values and academic quality standards are a matter of course.
  • The staff at Danube University Krems regard themselves as officials and therefore abide by the legal regulations applicable for officials.
  • This Code of Conduct (CoC) summarizes the most important directions for action at Danube University Krems and sets down the binding framework of action for all staff at Danube University Krems.
  • The staff at Danube University Krems are familiar with the applicable guidelines and are aware of their personal responsibility. Staff in managing positions act as role models and set an example to their employees.

2. Good academic practice

  • The staff at Danube University Krems uphold the standards of good academic practice and involve the ethics commission at Danube University Krems in planning research projects (cf. § 2 of the IXth part of the statutes of Danube University Krems).
  • Conduct detrimental to the standards of good academic practice is refrained from.

3. Relations between staff at Danube University Krems

  • People of different age, gender, social background, belief and from different geographic origins work and study at Danube University Krems.
  • The staff at Danube University Krems deal respectfully and appreciatively with each other. This also applies to dealings with students. Intolerant, discriminatory or insulting behavior, favoritism, sexual harassment and bullying are not tolerated.
  • All staff at Danube University Krems contribute to ensuring that dealings between all members and students are solution-oriented, objective and fair. Problems are solved with mutual understanding and respect.
  • The concerns of students and staff are treated properly and respectfully.
  • The staff at Danube University Krems fulfill their tasks in accordance with the University Act 2002 and the principles laid down therein with regard to rightfulness, expediency and economy. In connection with financial transactions, they observe the principles of risk minimization and value retention.
  • In regard to contractual representation, the staff at Danube University Krems observe the relevant guidelines set down by Danube University Krems.

4. Relations with business partners and third parties

  • Business partners are treated politely and with respect. No discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, belief, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability is tolerated.
  • Requests from business partners or third parties are responded to within a reasonable period of time.
  • Third-party donations made to Danube University Krems in the form of money, material assets or services must be transparent and appropriate.
  • Personal donations (gifts, invitations or other benefits) given in connection with the recipient’s activities for Danube University Krems are acceptable only if their value is minimal and not directly connected with current or possible future business dealings. In the event of doubt, the legitimate personnel superior is to be informed.

5. Personal and economic conflicts of interest

  • The staff at Danube University Krems are loyal towards Danube University Krems and its strategic goals and mission statement (see brochure “Danube University Krems Mission Statement, Strategic Goals, Key Strategies“) and act accordingly. As a matter of course, this includes performing their official duties.
  • In the event of conflicts of interest, the regulations laid down in the Rectorate’s Guidelines on Legal Transactions concerning private interests are heeded.
  • The staff at Danube University Krems particularly refrain from taking any secondary employment that conflicts with their professional activities for Danube University Krems.
  • Staff members at Danube University Krems do not charge for services rendered to students attending courses at Danube University Krems if they are involved in evaluating students’ performance in the course(s) or if these services are an inherent part of their duties to the university.

6. Conduct in regard to resources and the environment

  • The premises and facilities provided by Danube University Krems (furniture, hardware, software, telephones, databases, networks, etc.) are for official use only. The staff at Danube University Krems use the resources and facilities provided by the University for their designated purpose in a cost-conscious and responsible manner. The Danube University Krems house rules apply.
  • Occasional private use of IT equipment is acceptable if regular university operation is not disrupted as a result, and no personally gainful purposes are pursued. Misuse is not tolerated.
  • Danube University Krems always aims to provide an inspiring, healthy working environment (e.g. occupational health promotion, Campus Sport, various campaigns).
  • Danube University Krems is a member of the alliance of sustainable universities and is therefore committed to the principles (also ecological) of sustainability and environmental protection. The staff at Danube University Krems strive to protect the environment and conserve energy.

7. Data protection (Confidentiality)

  • University work involves handling confidential, classified and sensitive data. For this reason, the staff at Danube University Krems ensure that they observe the University’s own regulations as well as the regulations set down in the General Data Protection Regulation both during and after their professional activities for the University.
  • This means that staff handle all data, even if not explicitly classified as confidential, conscientiously and with care, both during and after their professional activities for Danube University Krems.
  • The staff at Danube University Krems take particular care and precautions when electronically processing information and data, and when accessing data on mobile end devices.

8. Management responsibility

  • Managers have organizational and supervisory duties to fulfill, and are responsible for their employees. However, this responsibility does not exonerate employees from their own personal responsibility.
  • Managers are aware of the applicable legal regulations and guidelines in connection with their duties. By means of appropriate supervision they ensure that their employees also observe these frameworks. In doing so, they confer as much autonomy and discretion on their employees as possible and necessary.
  • Managers at Danube University Krems are responsible for the costs of the units they lead, and together with their employees, ensure that resources are used efficiently. The academic and economic interests of Danube University Krems are protected likewise.
  • Managers regularly conduct performance reviews and objectively appraise the qualifications and suitability of their employees for the tasks they are responsible for. In doing so, they encourage their employees to pursue continuing personal and professional development for their work processes, and to submit suggestions for improvement. These are taken seriously.

9. Enforcement

  • By complying with this CoC, all staff are jointly responsible for upholding Danube University Krems’ special role in society. Managers are particularly called upon to observe the regulations stated in the CoC.
  • Infringement of the CoC may have legal consequences.
  • In view of the shared responsibility to observe the CoC, complaints regarding infringement of the CoC can be officially addressed to the line manager. Moreover, every employee also has the right, if necessary, to report infringements to the Dean of the Faculty/ Head of the Department or to the Rectorate. All individuals involved in handling such complaints (e.g. managers, head of a unit) do so confidentially. Anonymous complaints are not processed.
  • Individuals who, in good faith, report possible infringements to managers, Deans, Heads or the Rectorate, will not suffer negative consequences as a result.
  • The Head of the Department for Internal Revision is responsible for all matters related to compliance and the CoC at Danube University Krems.
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