How do you feel about Europe?

Political scientist Ulrike Guérot sheds light on the development of the EU in her new book "How do you feel about Europe?" And tries to understand why Europe has increasingly turned away from its goal of an "ever closer union". The focus is on the question of what holds this continent together in its core and why the former German paradigm that German and European unification belong together is obviously no longer valid.


How do you feel about Europe

The latest European work by Guérot, Professor of European Policy and Democracy Research at the Danube University Krems and founder of the European Democracy Lab, is, according to Oskar Negts "Society Draft Europe" a plea for a equitable Community "the second volume of the edition ifa in Steidl Verlag. The aim of the series is to discuss new perspectives on, principles of and perspectives for our continent: the European peace project can only exist in times of foreclosure and re-nationalization through the courageous defense of what has been achieved, radical ideas and the consistent development of the community of states to the Union of Cultures, societies and nations

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