This year's Paul Watzlawick ring goes to Ulrike Guérot

Already during her studies and as a research associate of the former President of the European Commission, Jacques Delors, she worked intensively on the integration of Europe and a new identity of the EU. From 2007 to 2013 she headed the Berlin office of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

In 2016, her book "Why Europe Must Become a Republic!", In which she outlined the utopia of a European Republic. In 2017 followed the bestseller "The New Civil War. The open Europe and its enemies ". Guérot initiated the "Balcony Project", which brings together around 100 European cultural institutions as well as numerous intellectuals and artists. The aim is again "the establishment of a European republic on the principle of the general political equality beyond nationality and origin".



„She is courageous, intellectually committed and has also changed, broken through and expanded the self-understanding of her scientific discipline.“

Erhard Busek

Guérot polarizes  - quite deliberately and provocatively. For her, nation is not a principal. With Paul Watzlawick she combines the conviction that communication can only succeed if it runs synchronously, that is, the partners in the communicative-discursive process speak the same language and use the same codes. "In this sense, Paul Watzlawick has also declared the concept of the nation as obsolete, realities arise from the construction of projections. It's about deciphering these codes and building them on a common semantic level. "

Zur Person

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