25/09/2021 - 26/09/2021

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Danube University Krems

Why Open? Because OATF is not only for students, scholars or academics. OATF is open to anyone, of all backgrounds and all persuasions, interested in embarking on the adventure of science society collaboration.

Why Aspiring? Because OATF invites those new to transdisciplinarity – regardless of age or past experience – to begin something new; to learn, grow and become aspiring transdisciplinarians.

What’s the Forum? OATF is an open, two day event preceding the Global Transdisciplinarity Conference that showcases transdisciplinarity to all interested in this brand of science society collaboration and knowledge integration by offering workshops and presentations on transdisciplinarity, the transdisciplinary process and past transdisciplinary projects as well as opportunities to network and link up with the transdisciplinarity community. 

What are the Master Classes? A limited group of high potential applicants to the forum will be selected each year to participate in exclusive Master Classes with experienced transdisciplinarians from various fields of expertise. Prior to the event they get the opportunity to develop their own projects, mentored by proven practitioners and to present their results in a prominent slot at the Global Transdisciplinarity Conference.


If you are interested in taking part in an OTAF-Master Class, please submit you application until 31 May 2021 to our e-mail: gtdc@donau-uni.ac.at Re: OTAF

Your application must include:

  • Letter of Motivation answering first and foremost the question why you are interested in doing SSC and (if applicable) which specific project you are planning to engage in and any past experiences in the field.
  • CV

Preliminary Program


Mag. Ilja Steffelbauer

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