Journal "Sustainability": Special Issue on Phosphorus edited at Danube University Krems

Call for Papers by Guest Editors


Prof. Gerald Steiner, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Globalization at the Danube University Krems, and Bernhard Geissler call for papers of a special issue of the Journal “Sustainability” on the topic of Phosphorus Economy. Deadline for manuscript submissions is 30th December 2017.

The necessary optimization of the predominately complex supply chain requires inevitable understanding of the underlying system dynamics; this holds especially true for the unique characteristics of phosphorus. The finiteness of the primary source phosphate rock requires a transdisciplinary approach in order to generate, utilize, and transfer knowledge between stakeholders. On its own, no discipline will be able to solve the underlying problems of future P supply, therefore, we aim to include the overall supply chain, from extraction, mining, processing, to the use phase.

Recycling holds an exceptional position since it is of greater importance for closing potential loops. Therefore, unlike previous works, we will not focus solely on the recycling of sewage sludges, as previous studies show enormous potential, especially during mining and beneficiation processes. Furthermore, we want to emphasize the interrelations between the single phases of the supply chain, particularly the role of market prices and the role of technology which both leading to often unconsidered underlying dynamics. From our perspective innovation will be a key element for technological developments, prices of raw materials and intermediates, and, most importantly, for closing loops all along the supply chain.

Prof. Dr. Gerald Steiner
Mr. Bernhard Geissler
Guest Editors

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