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ECOnet - Economic and Political Development in Rural Areas

The inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching area combines in particular economic and political science approaches in order to deal with scientific questions of economic and political development in rural areas. Two main activities shall deal with scientific questions from this area.


As a core area of the project, Danube University Krems (DUK) and the Andrássy University Budapest (AUB) are currently cooperating on the establishment of an interdisciplinary, research-oriented doctoral focus within the framework of the AUB doctoral school. Additionally to preparing dissertations, basic and in-depth knowledge on various aspects of rural development shall be imparted in courses.


In addition to the doctoral theses, the ECOnet network partners will apply for research projects and organize events and/or publications, which will be carried out jointly (if approved). These either represent independent projects or are linked to ECOnet theses.






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