The 36th Biennial Congress of the International Paper Historians (IPH) will be held in Krems/Donau, Austria from August 17 – 22 2022. The congress, entitled "Paper of Graphic Art", is the first in Krems, and the second in Austria since 1992. It will be held in co-operation with Krems City Archives and regional monasteries as well as with two exhibitions, one about Kremser Schmidt and one by Nedim Sönmez.

The congress will focus on paper, whatever its source, used as the primary material for Graphic Art world-wide. While books and their paper were the focus of numerous previous IPH meetings, we want to put graphic art on paper into the centre of the Congress. Because of this, we welcome research on any papers, regardless of origin, so long as they may be connected with prints and drawings in one or the other way. This however, also includes contemporary installations involving paper. Presentations are sought for the following main themes:

1. Papermaking in particular for art-work.

2. Artists and their choice of paper.

3. New technologies in paper studies, such as new techniques for recording watermarks and other physical characteristics of paper, or the evolving use of databases for managing and sharing watermark images and information.

4. A limited number of talks on topics outside these subject areas may also be selected.

The local arrangements committee will offer special visits and tours of archives and collections as well as historic places.

Opportunity for discussion and exchange will take place at lunches and receptions for congress participants.

For anyone who cannot travel to Krems an online participation will be possible, both as live speaker and as audience.

IPH members may enjoy reduced registration fees.

Instructions for Proposals

Anyone wishing to present a paper is invited to send a short abstract in English (maximum 300 words) in Word format, by December 15, 2021. Proposals should be sent by email to the IPH Congress 2022 Planning Committee via andrea.endl@donau-uni.ac.at and include in the file name the author´s full name and the words “abstract IPH 2022”.

The proposal should provide the following in English:

  • CVs of each author

The CV should not exceed 250 words. Please add also full addresses of your institutions, even if we do not publish the latter.

Please follow the given structure for the CV:

- Full name (example: Michael Miller).

- Recent affiliation and position (example: Since 2015 senior researcher at the Sulipo Research Institute at the Huzrie University in Poduli).

- Education and previous positions (starting with the relevant last graduations, chronologically from the beginning and relevant positions, example, please write in third person: Miller holds a diploma in conservation (2001) from xy university and a doctorate (2014) from xy university. He then worked as junior researcher in the international institute in Fapihfr).

- Most relevant projects: Between 2001 and 2003 Miller was lead partner in the EU project “hövraeö” Project number 23145678 concerning cats in museums).

- Awards (example: Miller received the Price for Cooperation between Industry and Heritage Conservation in 2014).

- Affiliation to relevant organisations: (example: Miller was president of ICOM between… and is board member at xy cultural heritage organisation).

- Patents: Number: 234567890.

- Other outstanding relevant activities: organisation of international conferences, outstanding publications (Max 5 most relevant each).

  • Author(s) e-mail, street address, and telephone number with country code
  • Name of the primary author (if more than one) with whom the organizers should communicate
  • Title of the presentation
  • Abstract (maximum 300 words) in Word or .rtf format. (Additional abstracts in French or German are welcome)
  • Keywords (3-5)


The length of oral presentations at the congress will be approximately 20 minutes. Languages, in order of preference, are: English, French, and German. If a presentation is to be in French or German, PowerPoint slides should contain a brief synopsis in English. Please note that translation will not be provided, except for translation of abstracts into English, French, and German in the book following the conference.

The planning committee will notify presenters about acceptance of their proposals by February 15, 2022, and will provide guidelines for authors at that time.

The IPH Congress 2022 Planning Committee

  • Operative: Patricia Engel, Andrea Endl
  • Technical team: Emanuel Wenger, Marcus Schrabauer, Christina Hell, Markus Gutruf
  • IPH Council: Anna-Grethe Rischel, Carme Sistach, Jos de Gelas, Claire Bustarret, Denis Peaucelle, Kari Greve, Sylvia Albro, Marian Dirda
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