Research and teaching at the Center for Technology-enhanced Learning and Educational Information Systems focusses on designing teaching and learning processes in the light of the potentials and challenges arising from the ongoing digital transformation. The team works on human-centered design of educational technology and investigates its effects on individual, organizational, and societal levels, in particular in the field of continuing education. Furthermore, the center examines information systems from a socio-technical perspective, which are used for the administration, management and controlling of educational processes.

The work of the Center is intended to be directly applicable to educational practice. Using technical systems to provide support is not meant to replicate classical teaching practice, but rather to enable the autonomous and self-acting organization of learning processes. The center develops systems and methods that support learning facilitators to initiate self-organized learning processes. It is not sufficient to focus solely on designing technical tools  - they must always be in context on how to apply them in terms of methodology and didactics and examined in this context regarding their effects.

The team brings together expertise from different disciplines in the sense of a design-scientific approach and jointly dedicate themselves to the development and investigation of instruments for digitally supported learning processes. Following this approach of research-led teaching, these instruments are directly incorporated into the center’s education programs and their development.

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