Single Centre Study to Document Safety of Transcranial Laserneedle-Stimulation with the Weberneedle®-System in Subacute Ischemic Stroke in Daily Practice

In experimental studies, laser stimulation not only prevents neuronal cell loss after ischemia, neurodegeneration or traumatic injury but also supports adult neurogenesis.

The purpose of this exploratory trial, enrolling 20 patients, is to document safety of transcranial laser stimulation with the Weberneedle®-System in patients with subacute ischemic stroke in daily praxis.

Therapy is initiated within one week post-stroke; application will be once daily for 20 minutes for 5-10 days depending on length of hospital stay of the patients. Transcranial laser stimulation will be applied simultaneously to 12 predefined locations on the surface of the unshaved skull according to the scheme of EEG 10/20 system.

During 90 days, safety of multichannel transcranial laser stimulation will be documented as well as the effect on neurological and cognitive parameters.



Project staff:

Dr. Martina Reiter

Dr. Evelyne Beyer-Skrypak, MSc

Silvia Gratzl, MSc

Dr. Yvonne Teuschl


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