Department for Clinical Medicine and Preventive Medicine

In cooperation with MAS Alzheimerhilfe

The University course for Dementia Studies teaches a positive and person-centred approach to aging and dementia and is organised within a stepwise educational plan (Certificate, Academic Expert, Master of Science)

Inputs relate to basic knowledge about the disease as well as newest diagnostic procedures.

Different pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options and communication methods are discussed. Critical appraisal of theoretical and practical treatment concepts and the confrontation with one’s own leadership personality are provoked. Knowledge on legislation is provided and reflected on.   

An intensive debate on the special needs of persons with dementia is initiated in order to give way to the development of new models of care that are capable of supporting the independence and life quality of persons with dementia.

The evidence base of the discussed care models is one of the central questions. Therefore, scientific methodology is a key element of the course (scientific literature search, scientific methodology and research design, statistics).  

Successful graduates will be able to teach, therefore didactic knowledge will be provided.

The goal of the course is to educate reflected experts who are able to work in an interdisciplinary team in research and practice. 

Dementia research is a fast growing field. Therefore the readiness to self-study is a prerequisite. The student is asked to present himself in an open and creative manner within the course tasks.


Persons with a professional medical or psychosocial background: Medical Doctors, legal representatives, nurses, lawyers, care scientists, psychologists, social workers, sociologists, therapists and persons in the administration. Teaching language is German.

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