The University for Continuing Education, pupils from the Piaristen High School and the Krems-based societies „raumgreifend“ and „funkundküste“ commemorated notable women from Krems in a public event at the University for Continuing Education Krems on International Women’s Day.

Female freedom fighters, politicians, successful business women, artists and many other „notable“ women from Krems were presented at the event “DenkMal! Denkwürdige Kremserinnen“, jointly organized by the University for Continuing Education Krems and the two Krems-based societies „raumgreifend“ and „funkundküste,“ anchored by Ö1 editor-in-chief Elisa Vass and the event’s staff to illustrate the traces that women in public positions in Krems left behind. Pupils from class 7G from the Piaristen High School Krems participated by giving a performance.

Weltfrauentag 2019


“DenkMal! Denkwürdige Kremserinnen“, was a joint event by the Rectorate, the Office for Equality and Gender Studies, the Committee for Equality Issues and the Department for Art and Cultural Sciences at the University for Continuing Education Krems, the Austrian students‘ union, the raumgreifend and fundküste Krems societies and the Piaristen High School Krems.

Friedrich Faulhammer, Rector at the Danube University Krems and
Reinhard Resch, Mayor of Krems



  • Elisa Vass, Editor, Responsible for Program „Journal Panorama“, Ö1
  • Edith Blaschitz and Theresia Hauenfels, Department for Arts and Cultural Studies, Danube University Krems
  • Andrea Brunner-Fohrafellner, association "funkundküste", Krems
  • Martina Scherz, association "raumgreifend" and "im-plan-tat", Raumplanungs-GmbH & Co KG, Krems
  • School Students (7G), Secondary School (Piaristengymnasium), Krems
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