Dr. Ingrid Linsberger

Danube University Krems

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Eichhorn, T.; Hartmann, J.; Harm, S.; Linsberger, I.; König, F.; Valicek, G.; Miestinger, G.; Hörmann, C.; Weber, V. (2017). Clearance of selected cytokines with continuous veno-venous hemodialysis using Ultraflux EMiC2 versus Ultraflux AV1000S. Blood Purification, 44(4): 260-266

Tripisciano, C.; Leistner, A.; Linsberger, I.; Leistner, A.; Falkenhagen, D.; Weber, V. (2012). Effect of anticoagulation with citrate versus heparin on the adsorption of coagulation factors to blood purification resins with different charge. Biomacromolecules, 13(2): 484-488

Tripisciano, C.; Kozynchenko, O.P.; Linsberger, I.; Phillips, G.J.; Howell, C.A.; Sandeman, S.R.; Tennison, S.R.; Mikhalovsky, S.V.; Weber, V.; Falkenhagen D. (2011). Activation-dependent adsorption of cytokines and toxins related to liver failure to carbon beads. Biomacromolecules, 12(10): 3733-3740

Weber, V.; Ettenauer, M.; Linsberger, I.; Loth, F.; Thümmler, K.; Feldner, A.; Fischer, S.; Falkenhagen, D. (2010). Functionalization and Application of Cellulose Microparticles as Adsorbents for Extracorporeal Blood Purification. Macromolecular Symposia, 294(2): 90-95

Weber, V.; Linsberger, I.; Hauner, M.; Leistner, A.; Falkenhagen, D. (2008). Neutral styrene divinylbenzene copolymers for adorption of toxins in liver failure. Biomacromolecules, 9(4): 1322-1328

Weber, V.; Hartmann, J.; Linsberger, I.; Falkenhagen, D. (2007). Efficient adsoprtion of tumor necrosis factor with an in vitro set-up of the Microspheres-Based Detoxification System. Blood Purification, 25: 169-174

Weber, V.; Linsberger, I.; Ettenauer, M.; Loth, F.; Höyhtyä. M.; Falkenhagen, D. (2005). Developement of specific adsorbents for tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF-a): influence of antibody immobilization on performance and biocompatibility. Biomacromolecules, 6: 1864-1870

Weber, V.; Linsberger, I.; Rossmanith, E.; Weber, C.; Falkenhagen, D. (2004). Pyrogen transfer across high- and low flux hemodialysis membranes. Artificial Organs, 28(2): 210-217

Falkenhagen D.; Strobl W.; Hartmann J.; Schrefl A.; Linsberger I.; Kellner KH; Aussenegg F.; Leitern A. (2002). Patient safety technology for microadsorbent systems in extracorporeal blood purification. Artif Organs. 2002 Feb;26(2):84-90, Feb;26(2): 84-90

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