Eva Rossmanith

Danube University Krems


Publications (Extract Research Database)

Pasztorek, M.; Rossmanith, E.; Mayr, C.; Hauser, F.; Jacak, J.; Ebner, A.; Weber, V.; Fischer M.B. (2019). Influence of platelet lysate on 2D and 3D amniotic mesenchymal stem cell cultures. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 7: 338

Pfeiffer, D.; Roßmanith, E.; Lang, I.; Falkenhagen, D. (2017). miR-146a, miR-146b, and miR-155 increase expression of IL-6 and IL-8 and support HSP10 in an in vitro sepsis model. PLoS ONE, 12(6): e0179850

Mazza, G.; Rossmanith, E.; Lang, I.; Pfeiffer, D. (2014). Marker profile for the evaluation of human umbilical artery smooth muscle cell quality obtained by different isolation and culture methods. Cytotechnology, Dezember 2014

Schildberger A.; Rossmanith E.; Eichhorn T.; Strassl K.; Weber V. (2013). Monocytes, Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, and THP-1 Cells Exhibit Different Cytokine Expression Patterns Following Stimulation with Lipopolysaccharide. Mediators of Inflammation, 2013: 697972

Schildberger, A.; Roßmanith, E.; Weber, V.; Falkenhagen, D. (2010). Monitoring of endothelial cell activation in experimental sepsis with a two-step cell culture model. Innate Immunity, 16(5): 278-287

Schwanzer-Pfeiffer, D.; Roßmanith, E.; Schildberger, A.; Falkenhagen, D. (2010). Characterization of SVEP1, KIAA, and SRPX2 in an in vitro cell culture model of endotoxemia. Cellular Immunology Vol. 263: 65-70

Weber, V.; Schildberger, A.; Buchacher, T.; Roßmanith, E.; Falkenhagen, D. (2010). Effect of mediator modulation on endothelial cell activation in a cell culture model of sepsis. Proceedings 8th world congress on trauma, shock, inflammation and sepsis TSIS 2010, Munich, Germany

Schwanzer-Pfeiffer, D.; Roßmanith, E.; Falkenhagen, D. (2009). Characterization of newly identified factors in a cell culture model of endotoxicemia. Shock

Weber, V.; Linsberger, I.; Rossmanith, E.; Weber, C.; Falkenhagen, D. (2004). Pyrogen transfer across high- and low flux hemodialysis membranes. Artificial Organs, 28(2): 210-217

Ciechanowska, A.; Schwanzer-Pfeiffer, D.; Rossmanith, E.; Sabalinska, S.; Wojciechowski, C.; Hartmann, J.; Hellevuo, K.; Chwojnowski, A.; Foltynski, F.; Falkenhagen, D.; Wojcicki, J. (2004). Artificial Vessel as a Basis for Disease Related Cell Culture Model. IFMBE Proceedings, 6

Ciechanowska, A.; Sabalinska, S.; Wojciechowski, C.; Jozwiak, A.; Rossmanith, E.; Hartmann, J.; Hellevuo, K.; Falkenhagen, D.; Wojcicki, J.M. (2003). A Capillary Bioreactor with Endothelial Cells – Peliminary Study. Proceedings of 13th National Scientific Conference on Biocybernetic and Biomedical Engineering, Sept 10-13: 139-144, Gdansk

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