Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Grau

Danube University Krems

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Grau

Department for Image Sciences

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Grau, O. (2019). Resisting a total loss of Digital Heritage. EVA conference (hrsg. Vito Capellini), 2018: 119-128

Grau, O. (2018). 'The Living Archive' of Digital Arts - Web 2.0 & 3.0 and the Bridging Thesaurus. Electronic Media and Visual Arts, int. Conference proceedings, Kulturforum Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, 2018: 230-237

Grau, O. (2018). O vizualni moci digitalnih umetnosti. Za novo arhivsko in muzejsko infrastrukturo v 21. stoletju / On The Visual Power of Digital arts. For a new archive and museum infrastructure in the 21 century. Likovne besede Art Words, 110: 4-8

Grau, O. (2018). Telepräsenz. Zu Genealogie und Epistemologie von Interaktion und Simulation (im Erscheinen). In: Norbert M. Schmitz, Immersion: xx, Büchner, xx

Grau, O. (2018). Perspective. Casopis za kritiko znanosti, domislijo in novo antropologijo, 274/3: 69-78

Rühse, V.; Grau, O. (2018). Documenting Media Art: A WEB 2.0-Archive and Bridging Thesaurus for MediaArtHistories. LEONARDO, XX: 10

Grau, O. (2018). Telepräsenz: Zu Genealogie und Epistemologie von Interaktion und Simulation. In: Lars Grabbe, Immersion - Design -Art: Revisted: Transmediale Formprinzipien neuzeitlicher Kunst und Technologie (Bewegtbilder): 26-43, Büchner Verlag, Marburg

Grau, O. (2017). On a Political Iconography of Information Societies. Bhatnagar, R., International Conference on Humanities and Education, (ICHSSE-17): 54-58, Bangkok

Grau, O.; Coones, W.; Rühse, V. (2017). Museum and Archive on the Move - Changing Cultural Institutions on the Digital Era. DE GRUYTER, Berlin

Grau, O. (2017). Digital Art’s Complex Expression and Its Impact on Archives and Humanities: For a Concerted Museum Network of Expertise and Preservation. In: Grau, O.; Coones, W.; Rühse V., Museum and Archive on the Move: Changing Cultural Institutions in the Digital Era, Introduction: 99-117, DE GRUYTER, Berlin

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Documenting, Archiving and Collecting Digital Art: A concerted Strategy for Museums, Archives & Libaries.

Konferenz zur Bewahrung digitalen kulturellen Erbes, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek Frankfurt/Main, deutschland, 28/12/2018

Resisting A Total Loss Of Digital Heritage. Web 2.0-Archiving & Bridging Thesaurus For Media Art Histories

EVA – Elektronische Medien und Kunst, Kultur, Geschichte, Berlin, Deutschland, 09/11/2018

The Living Archive of Digital Arts


Media Arts Histories and Chicagos Pioneers

School of the Art Institute (SAIC), Chicago, 01/11/2018

Virtual Art & MediaArtHistories - Will we ever get used to Immersion?

Art + Design College of North Carolina State University, Ralleigh, 30/10/2018

Virutal Art & MediaArtHistories: some years after..

Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities of Tymen State University, Tymen, 11/10/2018

On the Visual power of Digital Arts - Media Art Histories and a Political Iconography of Information Societies

Tomsk State University, Institute for Arts and Culture, Tomsk, Russia, 09/10/2018

Resisting a total loss of digital heritage - WEB 2.0-Archiving & bridging thesaurus for Media Art Histories.

EVA 2018, Electronic imaging in the Visual Arts: International Conference, University of Florence, Italy, 11/05/2018

The political impact of Virtual Art.

Masaryk Univerity, Faculty of Arts, Brünn, 11/04/2018

Will we ever become used to Immersion? Art History and Image Science. (Keynote)

Multiverse Symposium, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 01/02/2018

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