Anetta Nagy, MSc

Danube University Krems

Anetta Nagy, MSc

Center for Distributed Systems and Sensor Networks

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Bratukhin, A.; Nagy, A.; Mahmood, A. (2015). Distribution of control functionality in energy-aware industrial building environment. Factory Communication Systems (WFCS), 2015 IEEE World Conference on: 1-8

Nagy, A.; Sauter, T. (2015). Low Complexity Room Thermal Models for Energy Optimization in Industrial Buildings. 20th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2015): 1-4

Nagy, A; Bratukhin, A.; Sauter, T. (2015). Efficient thermal modeling for distributed energy management in industrial buildings. Systems Conference (SysCon), 2015 9th Annual IEEE International: 309-316

Mahmood, A.; Ring, F.; Nagy, A.; Bigler, T.; Treytl, A.; Sauter, T.; Kerö, N. (2014). High Precision and Robustness in Network-based Clock Synchronization using IEEE 1588. 2014 IEEE Emerging Technology and Factory Automation (ETFA): 1-4

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