Mag. Paulina Kurzmann, Bakk.

Danube University Krems

Paulina Kurzmann

Mag. Paulina Kurzmann, Bakk.

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Höfler, M.; Ratajczak, P.; Beránková, A.; Prieschl, D.; Šteffl, M.; Holmerová, I.; Auer, S. (2019). Data of a sub-analysis of the DEMDATA study: characteristics of Austrian and Czech nursing homes residents. BMC Research Notes, 12: 463

ASPIS Study Group (2018). Multidomain intervention for the prevention of cognitive decline after stroke - a pooled patient-level data analysis. Eur J Neurol., 25: 1182-1188

Auer, S.; Höfler, M.; Linsmayer, E.; Beránková, A.; Prieschl, D.; Ratajczak, P.; Šteffl, M.; Holmerová, I. (2018). Cross-sectional study of prevalence of dementia, behavioural symptoms, mobility, pain and other health parameters in nursing homes in Austria and the Czech Republic: the DEMDATA project. BMC: Geriatrics, 18:178: 1-13

Holmerova, I.; Auer, S.R.; Beránková, A.; Höfler, M.; Ratajczak, P.; Šteffl, M. (2018). Cognitive status and use of analgesics and anxiolytics in residents of nursing homes in the Czech Republic. Clinical Interventions in Aging, 13: 2511

Teuschl, Y.; Trapl, M:, Ratajczak, P.; Matz, K.; Dachenhausen, A.; Brainin, M. (2018). Systematic dysphagia screening and dietary modifications to reduce stroke-associated pneumonia rates in a stroke-unit. PLoS One, :e0192142: 10.1007/s00415-017-8720-8.

Auer, S.; Linsmayer, E.; Beránková, A.; Pascher, P.; Firlinger, B.; Prischl, D.; Ratajczak, P.; Span, E.; Holmerova, I. (2017). DEMDATA: The Austrian-Czech institutional long term care project – design and protocol of a two-centre cross sectional study. BMC Health Services Research, 17(1):196: 10.1186/s12913-017-2244-x

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

How much does dementia cost? Experiences from the Dementia Service Centres in Upper Austria.

1st Krems Dementia Conference, Krems, Österreich, 07/11/2019

The Dementia Service Centre Model Database

1st Krems Dementia Conference, Krems, Österreich, 06/11/2019

Characteristics of Residents in Austrian and Czech Nursing Homes: Open Epidemiological Data from the DEMDATA Project

1st Krems Dementia Conference, Krems, Österreich, 06/11/2019

Vor-Diagnostische Beratung als Methode der Früherkennung demenzieller Erkrankungen

14. Gemeinsamer Österreichisch-Deutscher und 58. Österreichischer Geriatriekongress, Universität Wien, 25/04/2019

Wie viele Menschen mit Demenz leben in österreichischen Pflegeheimen? Erste Ergebnisse aus dem DEMDATA-Projekt

Tagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Linz, Österreich, 13/04/2018

DEMDATA – Das Österreichisch- Tschechische Pflegeheim Projekt

Forum für Geriatrie und Gerontologie, Bad Hofgastein, 09/03/2018

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