Publications (Extract Research Database)

High-Steskal, N. (2020). The role of analog publications in a digital world. The archaeological case study CELSUS. In: Ernst, M.; Hinkelmanns, P.; Zangerl, L.M; Zeppezauer-Wachauer, K., digital humanities austria 2018. empowering researchers: 70-73, Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, Wien

High-Steskal, N.; Rembart, L. (2020). Exploring the unfamiliar. Publishing pottery data in a linked environment. HEROM Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture, 9: 75-108

High-Steskal, N. (2019). Private Houses in Syene and Elephantine and the Patermouthis Archive. Jahreshefte des Österreichischen Archäologischen Institutes, 87: 123-144

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

The Afterlife of Errors. Dealing with Digitized Pottery Catalogues

European Association of Archaeologists #EAA2020Virtual, 26/08/2020

The lifecycle of pottery data. A case study in archival practice

CHNT 24. Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, Wien, Österreich, 06/11/2019

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