Christina Khoury is a PhD candidate at the Department for Migration and Globalisation since 2019.

  • Research assistant for the H2020 project easyRights
  • Member of the Research Cluster ‘Integration and Social Cohesion’
  • Member of the Music and Syrian Migration Study Group

About the person

Christina Khoury is a PhD candidate at the Department for Migration and Globalisation since 2019. She holds a BA in Law, and two MA’s, one in International Relations from the University of Essex, UK; and another in Peace Studies as part of the Rotary Peace Fellowships from the University of Bradford, UK. Her experience working with refugees stems from her work with the British Red Cross, and the Humanitarian Support Agency in Lesvos, Greece. Her research project focuses on the social integration of Syrian refugees in Austria. She is also a research assistant on the Horizon 2020 project ‘easyRights’, which combines co-creation and AI technology to make it easier for immigrants to understand and access the services they are entitled to.

Her specific research interests include:

  • Migrant communities and networks
  • Cultural identity and belonging
  • Integration and social cohesion
  • Psychological consequences of migration
  • Integration policies and access to services

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Zardo, F.; Rössl, L.; Khoury, Ch. (2022). Coping with the pandemic: the governance of public service provision for migrants in four European cities. Proceedings of the easyRights Final Conference

Rössl, L.; Khoury, Ch.; Molinari, F.; Concilio, G.; Costa, G.; Karimi, M.; Kehagia, O.; Nteliou, E.; Doulkiaridi, A.; Rizzo, G.; Tolskaya, I. (2020). Ontology Tree with Topics and Entries.

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Measures for a more successful social integration of young Syrian refugees into host societies: A comparative study of the social integration and sense of belonging of Syrian refugee youth in Aus

IMISCOE 2021, 27/09/2021

The effect of social integration on the mental well-being of young Syrian refugees in Austria

Migration research in Austria – current trends and challenges, 10/12/2020

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