Katharina Fritsch is part of the scientific staff at the Department of European Policy and Democracy Studies at University for Continuing Educaiton Krems. Currently she works in the project "Digitalizing Youth Politics" funded by the GFF NÖ and Land NÖ, with a focus on media and frame analyses. Previously, she worked as a pre-doctoral researcher at the Department for African Studies (University of Vienna) and did her PhD in political science on political and cultural mobilisations of the Comorian diaspora in Marseille as a form of ethnicised biopolitics. She is currently an associated researcher at the Centre Marc Bloch (Berlin) and has been teaching for many years at the University of Vienna (political science, African studies, gender studies, development studies). Her main areas of interest are biopolitics and governmentality research, critical migration and diaspora research, postcolonial studies, intersectional approaches and de-democratisation processes in the course of states of emergencies.

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Digitalizing Youth Politics

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Ajanovic, E.; Fritsch, K.; Zahorka, F. (2021). Digital verbunden Formen politischer Partizipation von Jugendlichen in Niederösterreich. Momentum Quarterly - Zeitschrift für sozialen Fortschritt, 10: 66-84

Cakir, A.; Fritsch, K. (2020). Ethnicised Social Mobility as Self-Governing. In: Alexandra Ganser / Annegret Penz, Mobile Kulturen und Gesellschaften / Mobile Cultures and Societies: 105-127, V&R Unipress, Göttingen

Fritsch, K.; Mounir, H. (2020). Komorische Kunst und Postkolonialismus: eine Dialog-Montage auf der Basis des Dokumentarfilmprojekts Histoires de Twarab à Marseille / L’art comorien et postcolonialisme: un dialogue-monté à partir d’un projet de documentaire intitulé « Histoires de Twara. Journal für Entwicklungspolitik (JEP), Volume XXXVIII • Issue 1/2, 2021: 116-138

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Jugend als Akteurin digitaler Öffentlichkeit

Momentung Kongress, 17/11/2020

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