Akira Soto Nishimura is PhD student of Migration and Integration at the Department of Migration and Globalisation since 2020.

  • Researcher on the Horizon 2020 QuantMig project
  • PhD student

About the person

Akira holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and Social Research from Utrecht University. Since 2020 he is a PhD student in Migration and Globalisation at Danube University Krems. In this role, he is developing his dissertation and working on the Horizon 2020 QuantMig project.

His main research interests are:

  • international migration
  • race and racism
  • migration policy and attitudes towards migrants

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Czaika, M; Bohnet, H.; Soto-Nishimura, A. (2021). Spatial and categorical dependence of European migration flows. QuantMig Project Report 5.2

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Government policy’s influence on attitudes

Migration research in Austria – current trends and challenges, 10/12/2020

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