Professorship in European Policy and the Study of Democracy (m/f/d)

as defined in Section 98 of the Austrian Universities Act [Universitätsgesetz/UG] 2002

at least 30 hours/week
Advertisement No. SB21-0259


The professorship is to be filled in the department of the same name at the Faculty of Business and Globalisation. In this department, the research expertise is applied, given visibility and strengthened the University for Continuing Education Krems (UWK) gains in the fields of European and democracy research. The latter draws on the fact that, due to globalization, it is only possible to adequately describe and research modern, increasingly transnational democracy by means of inter- and transdisciplinary research. Modern democracy itself is embedded in a political, societal, media, cultural, and international legal space, rather than existing in a vacuum. The question arises as to how democracies in general and specifically in the European context must continue to develop against the backdrop of the history of European integration. This is true at a time when new challenges arise, such as multicultural communication, inter-religious dialogue, and cross-border task-sharing in regional and international forums (e.g., the European Union, the United Nations), and representative democracy faces pressure from the Internet, while at the same time new forms of global communication and networking create new opportunities for democratic processes. This requires a high level of knowledge in the field of international democratic political and theoretical discussion in order to develop democracy theories for Europe intersecting legal systems, politics, ethics and (cyber) public sphere on this basis.


General job description and profile:

The future holder of the position is expected to represent the department in research and teaching, to take over management tasks, to continuously develop the teaching program in an overall system focused on continuing education, and to attract external funding through research projects in line with the strategic orientation of the University for Continuing Education Krems. Further topics to be represented and developed in an integrative, inter- and transdisciplinary manner and in accordance with the strategic orientation of the University for Continuing Education Krems and in particular its key strategy are to expand international activities, the topics of European policy - questions of European integration, its history and underlying theories as well as the role of Europe in the world (including foreign and security policy as well as international relations) - of democracy research, cyber-democracy and big data, ethics and human rights, whereby global and regional aspects are to be taken into account.

The qualifications required for the position are as follows:

  • relevant habilitation or equivalent qualification in the field described above
  • at least 5 years of professional experience in the relevant field
  • publishing activity of proven, scientific, and internationally recognized value
  • networking with national and international institutions relevant to European policy (in the field of research as well as practice) and persons (networks)
  • proof of having successfully acquired third-party funding for research and/or teaching, or a research project portfolio that can be presented accordingly
  • proven experience in interdisciplinary work and cooperation within research networks with a focus on European politics and democracy research
  • experience in working with national and international institutions of academia, public administration, and global governance
  • experience in university teaching and supervising students and in the field of master or PhD or doctoral programs
  • high didactic aptitude (proven by submitted course evaluations) for the topics concerning the professorship
  • excellent German and English in word and document (both at least level C1)
  • leadership experience and management competence in social, organizational, and economic aspects
  • a strong personal presence in the relevant scientific community (evidenced by e.g., invitations to conferences, memberships)

In addition, the following skills and competences would be desirable:

  • competencies in terms of gender and diversity
  • additional languages skills apart from German and English
  • stays abroad for research purposes
  • national and international networking and experience in participating in relevant committees in the field described above
  • publication activity in media relevant and effective for the European policy debate
  • experience with university structures
  • experience in developing and implementing university courses
  • ability and willingness to engage in a holistic inter- and transdisciplinary way of thinking
  • ability for strategic and entrepreneurial thoughts
  • social competence and strong communication and teamwork skills

The University for Continuing Education Krems sees a high innovation potential in the diversity of its employees and is committed to diversity as a leading principle. At the same time the University for Continuing Education Krems seeks to increase the percentage of female employees and expressly invites qualified women to apply for this position. In the case of equal qualifications women will be given preferential consideration.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from persons with disabilities who possess the required qualifications.

The professor will be appointed for an unlimited period of time according to the appointment procedure laid down in Section 98 UG 2002.

The minimum salary in accordance with the collective agreement for university employees in job category A1 is EUR 5,437.70 gross (full-time basis). Willingness to overpay with relevant qualifications and professional experience.

We are looking forward to receiving your convincing application by 06 June 2022 to the Rectorate of the University for Continuing Education Krems, Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Strasse 30, 3500 Krems, by post or by email to Please do not hesitate to contact the Rectorate on +43 2732 893-2210 if you have any questions.

Please enclose the data sheet/application abstract with your application and the documents required as evidence of fulfilment of the advertisement criteria.


Mag. Friedrich Faulhammer


Please note that proof of complete vaccination protection against COVID-19 and its maintenance, as long as the epidemiological situation in Austria requires it, is a prerequisite for employment at The University of Continuing Education Krems. Exceptions apply if vaccination is not possible for medical reasons (evidence by specialist confirmation). In all other cases, employment at The University for Continuing Education Krems is only possible if the candidate is willing to catch up on vaccination against COVID-19 as soon as possible and expresses that during the application procedure. When signing the employment contract, a corresponding written declaration of commitment must be signed.

Supplementary data protection notice: 
Based on our legal obligation according to Section 98 of the Austrian Universities Act [Universitätsgesetz/UG] 2002, your personal data disclosed in the context of the application will also be disclosed to external reviewers, who are bound to secrecy, for the purpose of assessing your suitability and will be stored by them for a maximum of 12 months after transmission of the review to the University for Continuing Education Krems.


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