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With the e-Learning Label, Danube University Krems was the first university in Austria to create a criteria catalogue for the implementation, development and evaluation of e-learning in teaching. The e-Learning Label is awarded by the Service Centre for Digital Teaching and Learning and the Center for Quality Management and Teaching Development, and serves as an internal quality assurance instrument.


The e-Learning Label provides orientation

Courses at Danube University Krems can be marked with an e-learning label if technically-aided educational resources and processes are used in addition to classroom instruction. Students can use the label to identify whether and to what extent courses contain digital learning processes.

In order to achieve the label "Blended Learning - E-Learning", at least one medium quality and quantity level is required based on a 3-level model. In order to achieve the label "distance learning e-learning", the criteria for distance learning must also be fulfilled. Courses without or with only low-threshold use of e-learning are not labelled.


The e-Learning Label as quality measure

The label is an internal quality development instrument. Within Danube University Krems, a uniform terminology and comparability is created on the basis of voluntary labelling and a contribution is made to teaching development. The e-learning label is awarded in the course of an internal evaluation process. The evaluation is based on four weighted criteria with a total of 50 associated indicators. The four categories with the respective weighting factors are:



Content Weighting

Information and Materials

Providing students with all information and material in a clearly structured manner



Active use of communication opportunities between students and teaching staff as well as course management


Learning Processes

Type and scope of e-learning elements and tools used, including support during the online phases



Scope of e-competencies (incl. media competence, didactic competencies, experience with communication tools) of the team in charge of the course



Labelling is mandatory as soon as a certain predefined workload ratio of online learning to classroom learning is exceeded.

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