Erasmus+ Internships

Service Center for International Relations

The EU programme Erasmus+ promotes the mobility of students both in the form of study stays and internships abroad. Internships can be completed during the studies, but also within eighteen months after graduation if financial support was already applied for during the studies/before graduation.

Internships can be completed in all EU member states as well as Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Serbia, Norway, Iceland and Turkey. Switzerland is excluded from Erasmus+.

To be eligible for Erasmus+ funding, a traineeship must last at least two months and not more than 12 months. Postgraduate placements can only be funded up to 18 months after graduation.

Internships are sought by the students themselves. If an internship position has been approved, Erasmus+ funding can be applied for via the Service Center for International Relations.

Erasmus+ grants can be applied for until up to 6 weeks before the start of the internship.

The following documents are required for a successful application:

  • Data Sheet (available on request from the Service Center for International Relations)
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships (available on request from the Service Center for International Relations)

Assistance and Advice

The Service Center for International Relations will be happy to assist you if you if you have any questions.

The amount of the mobility grant depends on the country in which the traineeship will take place, and ranges from € 460 to € 560 per month. Students with child(ren) or with a chronic disease/disability can apply for special financial assistance and hence higher mobility benefits.


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