In the course of the Asia-Europe Meeting, abbreviated ASEM, which is a platform for continuing education among other things working beyond both continents, the Intermediate Senior Officials Meeting took place in Indonesian’s main capital Jakarta from 3 to 5 of June. On the occasion Friedrich Faulhammer, Danube University Krems’ Rector presented on-site the model of the University for continuing education. Along the journey the expert-meeting, which will be held at Danube University Krems in autumn before the ASEM conference for the ministers of education takes place in 2019, was prepared.

Lifelong learning is one out of 4 main topics the platform ASEM brings into focus. The platform connects the education policy of the participating countries with those of the experts. Before the ASEM conference of the education ministers, which will be held in Bucharest in Romania in 2019, Friedrich Faulhammer, Danube University Krems’ Rector attended the Intermediate Senior Officials Meeting and additionally prepared the Seniors Officials Meeting Danube University Krems will be inviting to in October. This meeting in autumn is the last step before the conference of ministers is held and offers the occasion to bring the model of scientific continuing educations closer to an international specialist audience.
Founded in 1996 ASEM aims to guide the process between governments in order to support the cooperation and communication based on mutual economic, social and cultural interests as well as those related to issues in education. At the moment ASEM comprises 30 European and 21 Asian countries.

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