Quality Development Strategy

The University for Continuing Education Krems assures its success in the core university activities teaching/scientific continuing education, research and development as well as interdisciplinary areas and continuously develops the quality of these. The mainstay is an integrated, process-oriented quality management system in conjunction with a deep-rooted, firmly established quality culture practiced by all staff. Information, communication and participation are the foundation on which all members of the university base their active contributions to quality development. Quality is not regarded as static but rather as an ongoing development process.

The University for Continuing Education Krems takes on the societal challenge of lifelong learning and offers part time academic studies and continuing professional development. It is familiar with the specific requirements for lifelong learning and part time academic studies and combines scientific grounding with practical applicability. The teaching and learning methods and architectures are designed to permit a maximum degree of flexibility (e.g. modules, block courses, e-learning). The pedagogical approach and course materials are tailored to the needs of adult professionals.

In the area of research, the University’s primary focus is on practice-based research in collaboration with business and scientific partners as well as public institutions at home and abroad. Frontier research is conducted in a selection of specialized fields. The range of these fields of activity permits innovative, interdisciplinary connections.

Quality Management System – Internal Quality Assurance

An integrated quality management system was implemented to assure quality and performance. Its success is based on continuous development, expansion and integration of the quality instruments to a single, comprehensive quality management system and a deeply-rooted, all-encompassing quality culture.

Social impact, innovation and quality are the three leitmotifs guiding all the university’s activities. The quality consciousness shared by all staff is a significant part of the University for Continuing Education Krems’ quality structure.

Quality Control Loops

Stakeholders’ expectations and needs are identified as continuing education requirements and research questions in a continuous exchange process.

The internal control loops planning – implementation – evaluation – feedback apply to both the core activities research and teaching/ scientific continuing education and the interdisciplinary areas (organization, administration, support.)

By aligning the university’s mission (strategic goals, guiding strategy) with the stakeholders’ continuing education requirements and research issues, specific courses and/or research projects are planned or (further) developed and implemented according to defined teaching and learning processes and research processes. Quality standards, quality assurance procedures and instruments defined in guidelines, announcements and the quality handbook provide the framework for the entire university. This service orientation creates an inspiring working environment for students and staff. Extensive internal information systems support data monitoring, evaluation and result analysis in research and teaching.

The result is that the University for Continuing Education Krems contributes to the further development of society and competitiveness with graduates who leave equipped with upgraded qualifications for their careers, and research results that greatly impact society.

External Quality Assurance

The University for Continuing Education Krems undergoes a number of external quality assurance procedures:

Quality management system audits/certification in compliance with the Act of Quality Assurance in Higher Education

aq austria In 2015, the quality management system of the University for Continuing Education Krems underwent the first external audit procedure in compliance with the Act of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG). Seven years later, in 2022, a new external audit was carried out as required by law. For this purpose, UWK has chosen AQ-Austria as the external quality assurance agency.

These are the areas the audit was conducted (according to HS-QSG):

  • Quality strategy and the integration of it into the university's management instruments.
  • Structures and procedures of quality assurance in the fields of studies and teaching, research or development and development of the arts or applied research and development or scientific-professional research, organization and administration and staff.
  • Integration of internationalization and societal objectives into the quality management system.
  • Information systems and stakeholder participation.
  • Structures and procedures of quality assurance of university courses according to § 56 UG, of university courses according to § 9 FHG and of university courses according to § 39 HG.
  • Structures and procedures of quality assurance regarding public university colleges of education and recognized private university colleges of education monitoring and advising educational institutions.
  • Structures and procedures for quality assurance pursuant to section 14(2) UG at universities.

In its meeting on 20 May 2022, the Board of AQ Austria decided to certify the internal quality management of the University for Continuing Education Krems without any conditions.

The certification is valid until 19 May 2029.

The report on the results is available to the public on the website of AQ Austria.

Accredited educational institution in accordance with the Bildungszeitgesetz Baden-Württemberg

The University for Continuing Education Krems was granted the status of an accredited educational institution according to the Baden-Württemberg Education Time Act by the Regional Council of Karlsruhe. The conferment was held on the bases of AQ Austria’s seal of approval, which is a certification of the quality management system in accordance with the Austrian Higher Education Quality Assurance Act.

Study program accreditation by specialized quality assurance agencies


The following program has been accredited by the AHPGS – Accreditation Agency for Health and Social Policy:

Clinical Research


fibba siegel

The following degree programs have been accredited by FIBAA – Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation:



Professional MBA with the Specializations:

PhD programs accredited

aq austria

The PhD programs at the University for Continuing Education Krems have been accredited by AQ Austria in accordance with §§ 18 ff and 24 ff of the Act of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG), BGBl. I Nr. 74/2011.


Quality certification of individual departments or centers

acbspDanube Business School (Department of Management and Economics at the University for Continuing Education Krems) has met the requirements of ACBSP Accreditation.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs is the leading specialized accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence.
The association embraces the virtues of teaching excellence and emphasizes to students that it is essential to learn how to learn.

Certificate qualityaustria Nr. 07329/0The Department of Knowledge and Communication Management has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 by Quality Austria. The Department is engaged in research and teaching encompassing all cognition and communication processes. It also includes the degree course “Quality Management”.

Professional Accreditation of University courses

The University for Continuing Education Krems offers a number of qualifying courses for particular professions (e.g. psychotherapy, real estate manager, financial consultant). Externally conducted quality assurance is required for this national and/or professional qualification as a prerequisite for obtaining professional credentials, as these courses must fulfill specific educational guidelines.
A list of courses for professional accreditation is published every year in the universities’ intellectual capital report.

Office for Quality Management and Teaching Enhancement

The Rectorate's Office for Quality Management and Quality Development oversees and coordinates the development of the quality management system.

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