The range of studies offered by Danube University Krems is specially designed to meet the requirements of adult students. It gives students the opportunity to complete academic continuing education alongside their careers, thereby acquiring competencies for professional and personal ongoing development.

With teaching staff from both academic and practical backgrounds, and by applying tailored teaching and learning methods, Danube University Krems’ study model supports students in every phase of their professional lives by focusing on developing their knowledge and competencies in the context of practical application. This makes it possible to apply the acquired competencies in their professional environments while at the same time developing themselves further both professionally and personally. The combination of classroom phases and e-learning in the form of blended learning is a particularly advantageous format for working adults.

Danube University Krems provides extra-occupational university courses as masters programs, studies to qualify as “Academically Accredited Experts” as well as “Certified Programs”. The location, at the gateway to the Wachau World Heritage Site, offers a service-oriented, inspiring environment.

This is what students think of Danube University Krems (Source: Alumni Survey 2015):

  • Approx. 80 percent of the more than 20,000 graduates rate Danube University Krems excellent or very good.
  • Over 80 percent of the graduates rate their studies as contributing to the enhancement of their specialized skills; likewise, over 80 percent see their studies as having contributed to their ongoing personal development.
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