As a graduate of Danube University Krems you are part of an international network of more than 24,000 alumni from the most diverse specialities. We cordially invite you to utilise the potentials of this unique platform and become a member of the Alumni Club.

The Alumni Club of Danube University Krems enables you to stay connected with your fellow students as well as staff members and professors of the University. Highlights like the summer festival, the Alumni Day, or the Blue Hour Discussion Group provide opportunities to cultivate your network.

„Service is our top priority. Specialist events in an uncomplicated and friendly atmosphere, also beyond the austrian borders, are particularly important to us.“

Alen Vitas, Sandra Engelbrecht, Barbara Fidler-Kaider

Alumni Club Team

Benefits of the club

The Alumni Club offers its members many Club benefits in very diverse areas. Our regular events offer numerous options to actively utilise this network, establish new personal and professional contacts, and stay connected with classmates, lecturers, and staff members of Danube University Krems. 



For all those who like to think back on their studies, are proud to be graduates of the Danube University Krems and would like to show this.

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