Research at University for Continuing Education Krems is centered on contemporary and future challenges society faces. In a trans-disciplinary context we build bridges between basic research and practical application, between individual disciplines and – as befits a university for continuing education – most of all to society.

„In its five main fields of research the university is driven to find answers to complex issues of high societal relevance.“

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Viktoria Weber

Vice-Rector for Research and Sustainable Development

Research Report

Cover Research Report 2022/23

Research Report 2022/2023

The research report offers an insight into the research activities in the main fields of research of University for Continuing Education Krems. The research is motivated by a desire to find answers to the major challenges facing society today.

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University for Continuing Education Krems particularly follows societal challenges and developments. Combining both basics and application in research, the university links by means of transdisciplinarity individual disciplines with knowledge derived from non-academic fields.


Interfaculty Research

The interfaculty research groups at University for Continuing Education Krems address topics that are highly relevant for society, all reaching beyond disciplinary boundaries. The research groups have a clear content-related reference to aspects of continuing education research.

The current research groups at the University for Continuing Education Krems

  • Critical Health Literacy for Empowerment in the Era of Digital Transformation
  • Meta-skills to cope with unpredictable situations in complex environments

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Support for research

The researchers are supported by the Office for Research Service and the Office for Grant Acquisition, two offices working seamlessly together to provide a comprehensive range of information and support for the acquisition of third-party funding at the regional, national and European/international level.

The University for Continuing Education Krems additionally provides funding to initiate EU projects and open the possibility for researchers to enter new research fields through the interfaculty research groups, and thereby completes a fully rounded support offer. 

Promotion of young scientists

Qualified young scientists are essential for the performance and research quality of a university. The promotion of young dedicated researchers - in the course of PhD studies or career positions for instance - is thus one of the core concerns of the University for Continuing Education Krems.

Ongoing training programs are further components aimed at promoting the next generation of researchers. The development of women's academic careers in research is supported by mentoring programs.

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