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Programs of Study 2021/2022

Programs of Study 2021/2022

This brochure offers prospective students an overview of the diverse range of courses at Danube University Krems. Download now or order free of charge!

Cover Research Report 2020/21

Research Report 2020/2021

The research report offers an insight into the research activities in the main fields of research of University for Continuing Education Krems. The research is motivated by a desire to find answers to the major challenges facing society today.

Cover folder "Accessible Studying"

Folder "Accessible studying"

Everything you need to know about accessible studying at Danube University Krems – from assistance in everyday study life to opportunities for financial support to the most important contact points.


Fields of study

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Arts & Culture

Collection Studies and Management

Crossmedia Design & Development

Cultural Data Studies*

Digital Collections Management

Exhibition Development

Folk Music in a Social Context

Game Based Media & Education

Game Studies

Image Science, MA

Interdisсiplinary Methods in Graphic Art, Book and Document Conservation, MA

Jazz in Contemporary Music

Media Arts Cultures, MA (EMJMD)

Media Game Pedagogy


Music and Law

Music for Applied Media

Music Management

Online Seminar Series "Applied Game Studies"


Visual Competencies, Certified Program

Building & Environment

Building Automation

Building Controlling

Building Information Modeling

Building Innovation

Building life-cycle Analyses Seminar

Conceptual Architectural Heritage Preservation

Cultural Property Protection

Digital Building


Ecological Garden and Landscape Management

Energy Efficiency Manager

Energy Innovation

Energy Innovation Engineering and Management

Energy-Self-Sufficiency Coach

Facilities Engineering - FE

Facility and Property Management, MSc

International Real Estate Valuation

Lightweight Membrane Structures, MEng

Management Assistant / Building Industry

MBA Building Industry

Mold challenging the building industry

Multi-Floor Timber Frame Hybrid Construction

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Valuation

Renovation and Revitalization

Structural Physics and Building Simulation

Sustainable Mobility in Transportation Manager

Economics & Business Management

Advanced Human Resource Management

Banking and Capital Market Law in an International Context

Certified Program
Agile Organizations & Collective Leadership

Change Management

Communications MBA, deepening Communication and Leadership


Digital Corporate Governance – MBA

Economic and Organizational Psychology

Executive MBA

General Management

General Management MBA
Technische Universität Wien/ Donau-Universität Krems

General Management programs (distance learning)


Insurance Management

Integrated Management Systems MBA

Internationales Projektmanagement

Kommunikation und Management

Leadership and Management

Lean Operations Management

Management und Führungskompetenz, MBA

Marketing Management & Digitalisierung, MSc

Marketing und Vertrieb

Master in Business Administration (One Year MBA)

Master in Business Administration (One Year MBA) Distance Learning

Personalmanagement, Führung und Organisation, MSc

Professional LL.M.

Professional MBA
Agile Organizations & Collective Leadership

Professional MBA
Aviation Management

Professional MBA
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Professional MBA
in Cooperation with VWA Regensburg

Professional MBA
Specialization Human Resource Management

Professional MBA
Sustainable Management

Professional MBA

Professional MBA
Energy Innovation

Professional MBA
Nachhaltiges Mobilitätsmanagement

Professional MBA General Management (distance learning)

Professional MSc Management und IT



Sustainable Management

Transition, Innovation and Sustainability Environments, TISE
European Master of Excellence / Erasmus Mundus Joint Master



Action-oriented Media Pedagogy

Game Based Media & Education

Media Game Pedagogy

Politische Bildung MSc

Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE)

Health & Medicine

Advanced Module Clinical Psychology

Advanced Module Health Psychology

Advanced Nursing Practice

Advanced Orthopedics and Traumatology

Basic and Intermediate Nursing Management

Basic Module Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology


Clinical Nutritional Medicine

Continence- and Stoma Consulting

Dementia Studies

EU Regulatory Affairs

Evidence-based phytotherapy in practical application

Garden Therapy


Head of Sales for Pharmaceutical and Medical Products

Health and Nursing Education

Health Care Management for Medical Executives

Health Care Management/Health Management and Public Health

Health Care Management/Hospital Management

Information Technologies in Healthcare

Integrative Therapy in the context of children, adolescents and their caregivers

Intestinal Health

Key Accounting in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Management in Surgeries and Primary Care Centers

Medical Products Consultant

Medical Science Liaison Management

Metabolic Healthcare

Midwifery (specialization of Health Care Management)

Neurocognition and social competence

Neurocognition research and social competence

Neuroorthopedics - Disability Management

Neurorehabilitation Reserach Studies

Neurorehablitation Studies

Nursing Management

Nutrition and Sport

OR Coordination


Patient Blood Management

Pharma Management (specialization of Health Care Management)

Pharmaceutical Representative

PhD Regenerative Medicine

Product Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Professional MBA
Biotech, Pharma & MedTech Management

Psychosocial Medicine - Psy 1

Psychosomatic Medicine - Psy 2

Psychotherapeutic Medicine - Psy 3

Specialist field of Emergency Medical Service Management (specialization of Health Care Management)

Specialist field of Managing Retirement and Care Homes

Specialist field of Surgery Management (specialization of Health Care Management)

Specialist field of Technology in Healthcare Management (specialization of Health Care Management)

Technical Management in Healthcare Facilities (specialization of Health Care Management)

Traditional Chinese Healthcare

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wound Management

Law & Administration

Academic Insurance broker

Banking and Capital Market Law in an International Context

Contract Law and Contract Design LL.M.

Corporate Law / M&A

Criminal Justice, Commercial Criminal Law, and Criminology

Data Protection and Privacy

Federalism and Minority Studies, MSc

Fundamentals of Austrian and European Law, CP

Insurance Law

Insurance Law LL.M.

Insurance Management

Intellectual Property and Competition

International Business Law, LL.M.

International Relations

Master of Legal Studies – Focus on European Law

Master of Legal Studies – Focus on Medical Law

Municipal Law

Professional LL.M.

Professional Supervisory Board and Committee Work

Public Management

Risk Management and Insurance

Media & Communication

Action-oriented Media Pedagogy

Communication and Emerging Technologies (MA)

Digitale Kommunikation

Digitaler Journalismus CP

Game Studies


Online Seminar Series "Applied Game Studies"

Organisational Communications MSc

Politische Kommunikation

Printjournalismus CP


Strategische Kommunikation und PR

Technische Kommunikation und Medienmanagement MSc

Migration & International Affairs

Global Competences and Management

Global Studies

Migration Studies

Migration- and Integrationmanagement

Psychotherapy & Social Services

Advanced Module Clinical Psychology

Advanced Module Health Psychology

Basic Module Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology

Integrative Therapy in the context of children, adolescents and their caregivers

Psycho-Social Counselling

Psychotherapeutic Medicine - Psy 3

Psychotherapy Advanced Studies in Behavioral Therapy

Psychotherapy Remedial Course

Psychotherapy – Advanced Studies in Concentrative Kinesitherapy - ÖAKBT

Psychotherapy – Advanced Studies in Existential Analysis and Logo Therapy - ABILE

Psychotherapy – Advanced Studies in Integrative Gestalt Therapy - ÖAGG

Psychotherapy – Advanced Studies in Integrative Therapy

Psychotherapy – Advanced Studies in Person-Centered Psychotherapy - ÖGWG

Psychotherapy – Advanced Studies in Psychodrama - ÖAGG

Psychotherapy – Advanced Studies in Transactional Analysis - ÖATA

Supervision and Coaching

Information material on the courses

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