Markus Kley, MSc

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Stuttgart.
Where people come together, great things can happen!

KleyIt is precisely this opportunity that I would like to offer a regular platform with the Alumni regulars' table in Stuttgart. In particular, this is to be accompanied by broad networking and personal exchange across the different grades of graduates of Danube University Krems. Beyond the daily stress of deadlines cross-industry insights can be gained and incentives for professional cooperation can be created in a pleasant atmosphere, even to the point of building new personal friendships or cultivating old memories of their studies. All of them have the potential to create something great. I am very happy to be a part of this development.

Graduate Management and IT

Mag. Jürgen Marschik, MBA

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Stockholm

Jürgen MarschikTo me, supervising a regulars' table is the continuation of an essential feature which, in my opinion, also characterizes Danube University: An opportunity to get to know each other and to widen your personal and professional horizons. During my studies I already felt that the diversity of professional backgrounds, origins and personalities was enormously enriching. In my daily work, too, this interchange brings new ideas and opportunities to life. With the regulars' table in my new home Stockholm I would like to offer all alumni the appropriate platform. I am looking forward to exciting evenings together with you!

Graduate Danube Professional MBA

Carmen Schöngraf

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Berlin

Carmen Behrens

What moves people? Where do they work and where are they heading to? We will explore these and other questions at the Berlin Alumni get-together. This is where we meet as Danube University graduates from  different disciplines. That is what makes this get-together so exciting and interesting. As press spokeswoman and PR consultant, successful communication is a matter close to my heart. It is a great pleasure for me to accompany and support this as an alumni of Danube University! 

Please feel free to drop by, even if you are only visiting Berlin!

Graduate in Public Relations

Mag. Silvia Bojinova, MAS

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Brussels

BojinovaMy motivation to join the Alumni Club was to maintain a close connection to my university. My idea of an Alumni regulars' table in Brussels, was to meet colleagues in Brussels who have studied or are still studying or teaching at Danube University. As Brussels being the capital of the European Union it is for me the best place to work and live if you have an interest in an EU career and as I studied European Law at  Danube University Krems. I would like to meet all those colleagues who also love Europe, believe in Europe and European integration and are interested in meeting former colleagues. Participation is of course voluntary and I hope that there will be enough motivated colleagues who want to exchange ideas and get to know graduates of different courses. But most important is to see each other, exchange ideas and stay in touch.

Graduate EURAS

Brigitte Knöll, MSc

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Frankfurt

KnöllJoining the Alumni Club was part of my self-conception. It gives me easy access to further and interdisciplinary educational information and activities apart from developing and building relationships with other graduates and students. All together I was prompted to supervise the regulars' table in Frankfurt am Main and also to activate first one in Cologne. My study-abroad experiences and insights, which I gained over the years,  convinced me that and how important personal communication is especially in our digital age where it seems to be losing more and more in value, quality and content. Apart from gaining new views and insights, these regular get-togethers enable the most meaningful thing in life: human encounters that nourish ("alere") so that we can further develop and strengthen our personality. The benefit we take out of these meetings is to exchange ideas, to make new experiences, to get other opinions, and to rediscover our own desire for personal communication. Sometimes it is precisely the small and seemingly unimportant questions and comments that initiate a longer discussion at such get-togethers and also allow relationships to develop beyond that. It is also difficult to convey laughter and the creation of trust via a computer.

Graduate Communications MSc

Karin Klein, MBA

On-site support of the Alumni regular's table in Munich

Karin KleinTo my opinion the main qualities professionals need to complete a part-time academic study are interest, perseverance, curiosity and sociability. Regardless of training's structure, a committed community forms for a short time. Regular discussion, be it about professional problems or upcoming study contents, helps and motivates to better master the time one spends "being in the same boat". In order to stay in contact with "former comrades-in-arms", to either share experiences or to network, I joined the Alumni Club. Because of this I was very happy to take over the on-site support of the regulars' table in Munich. You get the opportunity to meet interesting people from different professional backgrounds, which opens up mutual understanding for different fields of work and new disciplines. Looking outside the box is especially important in the age of globalization, and if this is not done via social media but face-to-face, it's even more fun - whether as a student or graduate.

Graduate Professional MBA Finance

Harald Morak, MBA, MSc

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Klagenfurt

MorakThe Alumni-Club offers many good opportunities and is an important platform for graduates of Danube University's  different faculties to network. As a graduate it is very important to foster such network contacts both professionally and privately. For that reason I founded a regulars' table in Klagenfurt in December 2013 and are responsible for it up to this day. The regulars' table in Carinthia is a great place to make contacts and form friendships. The entertainment of the Alumni Club members is perfect. I recommend every graduate to take advantage of the opportunity and participate in the regulars' tables, because there people meet talk and interact on the same level.

Graduate Health Service Management and Healthcare

Lorenz Gräff, MBA, BSc

On-site support of the Alumni regular's table in Vienna

GräffThe time at I spent Danube University Krems was very positive for me, as I was able to establish many interesting new contacts. Hence, joining the Alumni Club after graduation was the obvious thing to do. Since my connection with the university after graduating remained on a friendly basis, after a short consideration I very happily agreed to take over the Vienna regulars' table - and in return was rewarded with a wealth of very interesting conversations and contacts. Here interesting people with different professional backgrounds come together - linked by a common interest in continuing education and open to new and unconventional perspectives on various aspects of business life.

Graduate Executive MBA Krems

Mag. Klaus Tomasi, MBA

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Salzburg

Klaus TomasiSince its foundation several years ago, the Salzburg Alumni-regulars' table has already offered a lot to graduates and students: The range of activities reaches from relaxed conversations in the guest garden to lectures held by members to cultural events. The broad spectrum of the members' personalities and professions  makes these meetings so special as they each have something in common despite their individuality: The above-average commitment and genuine interest in thinking outside the box. The Alumni-Club not only makes its easy to arrange our meetings in an uncomplicated manner due to its well-organized background, but also provides graduates with an excellent opportunity to stay connected with Danube University Krems for years after graduation. Personally, I owe many important impulses from the time I spent at Donau-Universität Krems, hence it is natural to support the local get-togethers in return. 

Graduate Executive MBA Krems

Christine Pint, MSc

On-site support of the regulars' table for alumni in Graz

Christine PintAs a graduate of Danube University Krems and due to my long-term experience in the field of health and nutrition, I enthusiastically took over the organization of the alumni get-togethers for Styria. The colorful group of regulars' tables enables professional discussions on site, conversations among like-minded people and joint participation in cultural events. I appreciate the opportunity for personal communication, to establish professional contacts, to exchange ideas or simply to share the network of Danube University Krems' Alumni Club.

Graduate Management in Health Care

DSA Inge Mitterhöfer-Gneist, MSc

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Eisenstadt

Mitterhöfer-GneistAs a passionate networker, I have been a member of Danube University Krems' Alumni Club for years. It is a great pleasure to supervise the alumni get-togethers in Burgenland backed with 19 years of experience in setting up, developing and completing projects in the social profit sector and adult education. Because talking to each other has become precious, the discussions at the Alumni regulars' table are something special. What makes it special are the consistently exciting and interesting conversations between alumni at a high level.

Graduate in Social Management

Orazio de David, MSc

On-site support of the Alumni regulars' table in Zurich

De DavidMy motivation to join the Alumni Club was driven to stay connected with Danube University Krems. I liked the idea of a regular get-together in Zurich very much. The Alumni regulars' table enables you to be part of a network that extends beyond professional boundaries and offers unique opportunities to meet interesting people. This is why I'm always motivated to take part in the meetings. Of course I enjoy the opportunity to meet fellow students again.

Graduate Psychotherapeutic Psychology

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